Cartoon Selfportrait , Time-Lapse 🎨

in threespeak •  20 days ago 

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Self portrait cartoon style

video of my speed painting ,this time a self portrait , as you see this is cartoon style of my face hahha , i was struggling with my chin !

hope you enjoy !


Music by @davidfar , you can check his blog and enjoy his great Musics ,
listen in Choon

Thanks & have a great day !

you can collect my digital works and GIF art on makersplace - work with ETH

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Beautiful 😍😍😍

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thank you :-) <3

Thumbs up, @adelepazani. I also really like your new profile look. 👍🏿

thank you so much dandays <3 !!

Hi @adelepazani, Absolutely gorgeous self portrait art work. Exactly I think your created face beautiful rather than real face. 😀 😀 Just kidding.
I watched it twice because my eyes was bring another world since watching it. No wonder about your digital creativity and talent. Keep going and expand skills. Good luck.

You got a good, magical job out of this self-portrait. You worked very well on every detail and the chin was excellent. You surpass yourself a lot every day and achieve the best results in every job you bring us. All the physical features you designed perfect as the self-portrait. I always like to enjoy all your beautiful work for the great creativity and talent you show us in them. The music is excellent and makes us travel with you and your designs completely delighting us in each work. Congratulations and enjoy a great day. Happiness and love for all.

Thus is beautiful digital work, the addition of the brown color to the sketch was awesome and when you deepened it as well as made it rhyme the more it became the best thing I've ever seen. Wow. Welldone. The hair region too was amazing.

Wow! Anazing work!