NightOwls , painting in threespeak 🎨

in threespeak •  last month 

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Night Owl

video of my painting girl and owl ,midnight meeting
hope you enjoy


Music by @davidfar , you can check his blog and enjoy his great Musics ,
listen in Choon

Thanks & have a great day !

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the step by step how you created that owl is great, the details very well achieved, I also like the profile of the lady, the dress with that dark color is quite striking and creates an excellent combination very nice with the background of the image, excellent digital artwork, continues to delight us with your creations, greetings.

thank you so much @luisveco88 ,greetings

How wonderful what you created in all that angelic setting you chose for this design with nice entrellas in the background adorning the characters of this work and great art. The contrasts of light colors in the adored animal and its plumage and the dark colors in the wardrobe of the girl are imprecionantes and perfect that leave one in love with all this creation. Very well when you changed the color of the yellow dress for the dark, everything was perfect. Excellent, original and very creative you design in this presentation which is titled midnight meeting. You also reflected the night very well in the background decorated with beautiful and radiant stars that make this meeting very adorable. Congratulations on your great work. It is a pleasure to always enjoy your beautiful work and fascinating creativity. Have a great day with lots of happiness and love.

thank you so much yeninsfer ! greetings