Jazz's Juice Episode 1: Being A Creator W/O Social Media Won't Work (PodCast)

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If you recall, I made a video with proof calling out a creepy dude that I met (he didn't show his true colors right away)

before knowing me for 5 mins he asked for my #. I said I don't give my # out unless I know you, I should have been more clear and said know you WELL. Also, I was acting like I was in a rush when the guy asked for my digits again. I did it as a hint that I was not interested. I said to add me on Instagram (literally any social would work) and he said he had no social media at all. He also told me he made music/Youtube videos. I was left wondering how this guy markets himself

if he has no social media. Music is a competitive niche. I explain why having places to market yourself is important when you create any sort of content and how one misfortune can mess him up and he'd be screwed for simply having no source besides Youtube vs someone who loses their YT but they have Twitch or Tik Tok or their blog etc where viewers can still find them and buy their services
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