Three important healthy tips.

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Living a healthy life takes a lot of taking care of yourself and making a good bit of research on how best to achieve it, not so many people actually have the right information on what's best for their health. Whereas there's people that don't have knowledge about how they can maintain the best health, some will have all the knowledge and facilities to maintain a healthy life style but they will just not do it for some unjustified reasons basically excuses. I think this year has taught us how important it is to live a healthy life, with a virus that has medical solution it's only your immune system that will help keep you breathing, well what a great lesson we had. Some of the most important things to note and give your attention when it comes to living a healthy life style;


Physical exercise. Exercising will not only give you the good looking body shape that most people love to look at and appreciate a lot, it'll help boost your mental wellness. It will only take a few minutes of your day to achieve some bit of fitness if you focus on it and maintain discipline. I know exercising is one of the hardest thing to make a life style but it's quite achievable and it gets easier. 

Maintain the best nutrition. Our eating habits contribute a lot in living healthy, I think the most cause of obesity is bad eating habits/poor diets. Fall in love with drinking more water than soda, sugary drinks can be pretty dangerous to our health. There's a lot of information on the internet that can provide the best guide on what food is best for our bodies, it may take sacrificing your best dishes when you decide to live healthier but it's all worthy it.  If you're a stress eater like myself you may consider changing that into something that'll help with both your stress and your health, that's something I taught myself and it works perfectly well. Going for a run, meditation, or anything calming and physical activity will help better  with your stress without any side effects than stress eating.

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Lastly get enough rest. With the many responsibilities on people's hands, time for resting seems to be limited unless you just go out of your way and create the time some days. It's always important and advisable to take a time off and have it to yourself, have enough sleep because it's healthy.  The early and late night routines will break you, research has it too that depriving yourself of enough sleep will affect your brain. Enough sleep has a lot of healthy benefits like lowering heart disease risk, strengthening your immune system, you'll be more active if you get enough sleep hence increasing chances of having a productive day, help with regulating calories you'll consume in a day and a lot more. As much as you have a lot to deal with, it is important that you have enough rest for the good of your health.

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