3 Golden Nuggets a day - on Soul, Sleep and Drugs

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  • Classic Read

Homo Deus: A brief History of Tomorrow

My one golden nugget:

My one impression:

  • How do I define "soul" ?
  • Who can define the "soul" ?

  • How To's:

The Mind After Midnight: Where Do You Go When You Go to Sleep?

My one golden nugget:

our body can be active during our sleep. We have a lot in common with birds in regards to brain activity during sleep.

My one impression:

  • Most research I read and heard is about what to do in order to make our bodies rest better when we sleep. Makes me curious to find out how and what we can use our sleep for.

  • Biography:

Michael Pollan: "How to Change Your Mind" | Talks at Google

My one golden nugget:

  • microdosing drugs can be used in management training
  • uncontrolled flashbacks is one of the worst side effects of taking LSD

My one impression:

  • talks like this one makes me think a little bit more about drugs and challenge my mentality and general thinking on the subject.

Reading Lists

I am building a list of books on airtable.

There are books that I reread regularly, but at the moment I read new books in trying to identify the best books to reread while trying to push my learning boundaries. So far I got to organise my future reading in 6 lists, main readings for each time of the day:

and 3 lists of books that look interesting but haven't got enough information for them:

For people who just wanted to know how to choose what to read by Tai Lopez' talked of principles.

Do you have a book or resource that would like to see what nuggets I can get out from for you ?


Chic article. I learned a lot of new things. I signed up and voted. I will be glad to mutual subscription))))

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