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I am now in get into work shape mode which translates as trying to get to bed earlier. The first few weeks I am expecting is going to be hectic with a steep learning curve so I need to be somewhat fresh to take the ball and run with it.

I am trying to workout what this will mean for my Steeming but not quite sure. At the end of January it will be my two year anniversary and the number of days I have missed is likely countable on my fingers and toes. While I plan on posting and remaining active, I think I have to change my process and format a little.

What do you think about:

  • shorter posts interspersed with longer when I have time
  • videos where I talk to the camera
  • live streams if possible
  • themed fast thoughts series like work, life, Steem etc
  • 10x selfies with duckface a day

I would like to keep interacting heavily but I am sure that it will be hard while I find my new rhythm. I figure it is a good time to try some different methods and explore some of the apps too.

Steem has so many pathways to interact with that I should really spend more time getting to know it pressure of the attract blogging approach. I love to write but I wonder if people would listen to me speak occasionally instead. My voice isn't pretty though so I have been putting it off for a long time.

It is going to be weird not writing in every spare moment and I am already getting withdrawals just thinking about it. The last two years has built some pretty strong habits that have served me well but change waits for no man, therefore it is best to adapt earlier than too late.

2019 is going to be a huge year for crypto I feel and a seminal year for Steem as it will look to capitalise on what has been built so far. While some might fear the uncertainty, I am looking to embrace it and be in the thick of things going forward and in the future. The opportunity for everyone is massive and for me, it is worth much more than the economic value as for the first time in a very long time, I feel meaning in what I am working toward.

This is no time for me to slow down but it is a point I can take a different tack.

Now. Off to bed.

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Everyone thinks their own voice isn't pretty, you can't judge your own. It's why you should push it out and try some videos. It's probably a fine voice. I vote that :0)

Push it out and let others judge it not pretty. =)
It might be fun if I get a whiteboard and do it like a training session.

Hehe, yeah, you would be comfortable then!

Whatever takes less of your time. Getting used to a new work environment will be pretty exahusting and you are already exhausted... Short posts about your new job and the people you meet will do.

I was going to run a tag #cubiclelife but I may have an office :)

Way better than an open office - which I think is the most vile invention of our times :)

Happy to help with any podcasting or live streaming questions!

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Cheers mate.

It sounds like a plan. It makes sense, except for the selfies :)
I have been resisting the idea of video blogging for some time, but I think it is effective. I did post 2 videos for different purposes, but I plan to seriously post my postsas videos. It's more practical, i think.
Unfortunately, I am not that good with technology and need to learn some basic things, but that will be a plus.
Looking forward to checking your new posts. It's always good to read you.

A vlog might be fun

Do the taraz vlog. I think you would be good at that and it should save you time. I have no idea how to do them but want to try some new things next year.

I am looking forward to "10 selfies with duckface a day"! For the hundredth duckface selfie, you will get one duckface selfie from me. Deal?

I am sure it will balance out.

I was waiting to see if anyone else caught this...

"No words, Just Duckface" - #327


We need to launch, where people can just post their duckfaces :P

there would just be pictures of you and I there

You'd be surprised :D

It will be a challenge but don’t make major changes. Small steps, small changes.
I think about making video’s but I am to ugly. LOL
On the bright side my hair is starting to grow back

I would like to experiment a bit and see what comes about. Maybe i should film while driving.

Is it good to have the hair back or is shaving a pain? ;)

I feel like I am going through puberty again. Still to short to shave/cut growing slowly. Real slow.
I have kept stubble on the face for quite some time. I use a clipper to shave. Razors are just to expensive and if I can get 3 shaves out of a razor that would be doing good. Look at all the steem I can buy because I don’t have to buy razors. Small pack of razors 28 steem

Coinbase and other exchanges need to carry Steem.

That's a tough one, especially for someone who's naturally given to musing "in writing." But I'd go for the shorter posts gig; Take the idea, give yourself five minutes to hash out the high points and GO. I've been trying to do more of that, lately...

Funny, that we both joined Steemit on the same day, published pretty prolifically, and now have to enter an "economy of words" phase.

As others have suggested, you might consider brief podcasts, too.

Sign of the times i guess. No one has supported the selfies yet...

I reckon that shorter posts (like little freewrites) and then occasional long form posts to tie together the shorter ideas/talking points into a cohesive narrative would work for you.

What about podcast style posts? Is there even a STEEM based podcast service?

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I actually have part of a post about creating a steem podcast service that could leverage a popular app or something.

Yep, the short thoughts and longer detail might work

I just had a look at dsound. They should set up a podcast section.

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Yep, and a supporting app for listening ease. There is opportunity, especially with people like sam harris leaving patreon.

I'll tag them and hope they get a notification and read this. @dsound

Best wishes for the new job.

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ahhh it will be hard for you to post less I'm sure lol. No more 4am posts ahah but no worries, everyone totally understands (I'm the first to struggle with work, personal life and steemit posting). I think shorter posts are cool, you can still get a thought across. Video is also a good idea of course, no matter what you choose, no worries your followers will still be here =)

ahhh it will be hard for you to post less I'm sure lol.

It is going to be a nightmare!

no matter what you choose, no worries your followers will still be here =)

Except if I take the duckface option I think ;)

ah yes you may wanna drop that one LOL I kinda want to see it!

I think it's one of those 'you gotta do you' type deals...

If you have a flow keep the flow but maybe post in some amount that allows you so schweet schweet downtime..

Downtime? What is that? :D

it's the time when they kick you..

they always kick you when yer downtime

Everybody hates their own voice, me too, so don't worry about that. I think you should at least consider doing vlogs, because I'm pretty sure there's a lot of people who would enjoy hearing you talking.

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I think I would be really nervous speaking to a camera but perhaps it is one of those things I would warm up to.

You definitely get used to it after a while for what little I've done it.

Why don’t you try all of them and see what you find interesting/comfortable?

Maybe cut back a bit while you’re starting out and work your way back up to daily once you have all your timings sorted?

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Yeah, that is the plan. The plan to plan is also on the plan :)

Life in 2019 for @tarazkp...

It is gonna be fun :)

Shorter posts definitely sound like a good idea!! :) Not that I don't like your longer posts, but anything that takes less time out of your already very busy day sounds good to me :)
Also, I think videos could be fun. Did I imagine it or did you say once that you're not too keen on doing that? Might be a good way to get over that dislike :)

And at least one duckface a day, man :) I don't know how you've kept this blog running so long without one!

I am not keen on putting myself on camera, hearing my voice...blockchaining either :D

Duckfacing is definitely a viable option from the time side of things :)

Format doesn’t matter to me as your content and way with words has the ability to engage thoughts and perspectives so I look forward to testing alternatives and engaging.

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It is going to be interesting to play around a little and see if people connect with it still

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