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While I hate that @smallsteps has been ill and very annoying, she has also been super cute at times. We have been inside the whole weekend and she has spent a lot of the time sleeping, which is very unusual for her. This is the first time she has had this kind of illness and she was weird as normally she is so full of energy and jumping around...

which can also be annoying.


This year has been so fragmented between family challenges, work changes for my wife and I, as well as the business travel on top of it all, I am looking forward to 2020.

2020; The year of perfect insight?

I doubt it, but I am hoping that it has a little more stability than the last 3 years. However, I am hoping for a massive amount more volatility in the crypto space and an enthused that STEEM is seeing afew small spikes here and there, as well as other coins. I get the feeling that 2020 is going to see a great deal of movement and I am hoping that I can capitalize on it and take advantage and take a little profit.

I have never financially gained from crypto, but I hope that I have been able to help others benefit.

I have thought a little about how I might use some gain if it ever hit a point where I'd consider selling. I also wonder if I would sell STEEM or some other crypto considering Steem can earn forever on it.

Well, wherever the gains might come from, I would like to use some of it to invest more widely, namely into property. I have always wanted to have a rental property as a fall back position, but haven't been able to wrangle it so far. I have a feeling that in the coming years we will look to move from where we currently are to get an extra room and perhaps get out of this particular suburb as it isn't the greatest and seems to be going down hill fast.

I like the idea of property which is why I am likely so keen on crypto, as it is about digital property rights. Steem is great for this as not only is it about ownership, it is simultaneously a tool that can be used for various actions of value, with the value decided by us, the user. And, it can be used to provide value to others in a spiral outward that makes it more valuable.

I wonder if Steem will ever be stable enough for me to cover major expenses with curation rather than having to sell. It is a risk of course, is it better to take the lump some or small amounts over the space of years. 120 Steem a week for curation is worth about 20 dollars at these prices, but if it hit 2 dollars a STEEM, that would almost be enough to cover my mortgage - without powering down.

That would be a massive weight off the shoulders, but would it stay there long enough?

This is the game of investment life and while I do not think I am much of a player, I still hold a fair bit of hope that it will be okay. If it does play the way I think it will, there is the possibility that the last three years of my life on Steem will be life changing, and that is what I have been working toward my whole life. Change.

Change is something I have always valued as it is what we must do to evolve, to improve, to make this world an increasingly better place. The problem is that change cuts both ways and the negative slice seems just as likely and most of what influences outcomes is outside of my control.

Control is something I also value, though I care nothing for control over others. Personal control however is something I have worked on, especially of my emotional.staye and my ability to continue regardless of my feelings. I don't think I would have made it through the last years if I hadn't had spent the time prior learning about my own reactions. People invest into all kinds of things, emotional self-control is rarely one of them.

This is why I don't mind dreaming about the value of future Steem, as while I hope it will do well, I am quite prepared for it to fail spectacularly. I take the don't invest what you aren't ready to lose completely motto seriously.

While there is a lot of speculation, life tends to include so much valoatily that no one is going to be right all the time. The trick I guess is to be wrong when the cost is low, and correct when the gain is high.

I think the last 3 years on Steem has very little downside and massive upside -

I hope I am correct.

I should also get some sleep.

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Toddlers can be annoying but unlike adults their annoying is at least age and developmental appropriate XD

Hope she's on the mend soon, illnesses aren't fun for anyone.

Also how dare you inflict such cuteness on us, do you have any idea how much pain it causes XD

Feel free to inflict more

at least age and developmental appropriate

I am a terrible sick person when it comes to flus, but in general okay. She has been pretty good really, and has been pretty funny when she tries to wriggle her way out of things because "she is sick"

Do you get "man flu" do you? XD

LoL! Does she do the adorable fake cough?

A bit of the man flu when light, but in general I am pretty stoic when actually ill.

She does a lot of faking and yes, fake cough. The best is a limp when she realises she has a bruise on her shin.

I just replied to myself...

Not sure if cute or creepy, but this is from when I put her to sleep last night:


Definitely cute XD Wanted to make sure you didn't sneak off? XD

Yeah. she was hiding under the blankets because she didn't want me to look at her.

So cute! XD

Beautiful thought

Hope the little one gets better, soon, Taraz & that crypto is wilder in 2020 & we can all breathe a little easier...

Sweet dreams 🙏🏼✨

It'll take some time for both, less time for her to get better luckily. 2020 is going to be a telling year i believe.

I hope you’re right, about 2020 🙏🏼

I hope @smallsteps has a better 2020 health-wise and think that would mean more than some crypto gains. Both at once would the cherry on the cake.

Paying a mortgage with curation, steady on now 😁

If she was healthy, I would be able to buy a lot more crypto :D

Paying a mortgage with curation, steady on now 😁

It is possible as we have a relatively small mortgage at this point. Would be great to be able to speed up the process though.

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I wish good health to your baby.


Cute painting :)

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