Forget me not, forgotten what?

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I have been back at work for one full day and 3 hours and have almost finished going through my email box and catching up on a few urgent tasks - I was only gone a week, how can there be so much? It also looks like I am going to be travelling into Europe on a short-notice trip next week for a few days, travelling the week after in Finland and have a few other training events to prep for, plus develop some customer specific videos in between.

There has been a lot going on.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Oops.

I am not the greatest when it comes to landmark day preparation and worse for presents but I figure that with my wife starting a new job in a few weeks, it might be worth celebrating in some way and why not combine events.

I just don't know what.

Well, I am sure I will think of something. Perhaps I could write a poem for her and tag her in the post :D

Flowers are always good but I am not a big fan of remembering occasions with something that dies in a week or less and while I wouldn't mind going out to dinner together, we don't have a babysitter for our daughter.

BTW, plan your children so they aren't born the day before an anniversary.

Even though she is still ill, our daughter woke up all smiles and singing this morning and then remembered it was her actual birthday when she saw the balloons by her bed. She was so happy again, it was sweet. We gave her a small present to mark the actual day, Connect 4 and then she and I played a few rounds before I headed off to work. She is rubbish at the game and I could win - if I really wanted to.

For her birthday she also got a chef kit from her Aunty and a used oven that they have had for about 20 years.

Look at that face! Definitely my kid, despite the blue eyes and light skin -

the smile over a donut is the giveaway.

But, this doesn't solve my anniversary conundrum at all but I do find that writing about various things surrounding the challenge I face helps clear my head and discover solutions. Since we all have various things to deal with daily, some more serious than others, writing is a good way to process thoughts. Sure, an anniversary present is not so important, but I use the same method for dealing with just about everything these days. Not everything gets posted to the blockchain though.

Well, a plan is forming, but in the highly unlikely scenario my wife does log into Steem today, I will keep it to myself for now ;D

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heard these make good anniversary presents :) full votes for the daughter pic!

This is the one we have now:

gotta love dyson.

Thanks, I am incredibly happy she is so cute and don't have to take sympathy votes :D

You couldn't tell from the photo @smallsteps is still ill. Congratulations again to her! Hopefully next year for her will be a healthier one. And congratulations on your anniversary! This year I saw @momone on Steem much often than last year. If the trend continues, I hope to see her even more next year.

I tried to get her on appics but the app was struggling on her phone (so she says). But, Deegram is out and after I give it a test run, I will try to see if that will motivate her.

@smallsteps has been amazingly happy for a sick kid and I am glad that she didn't let it stop her enjoying herself. She is getting better now and the fever broke this morning.

Good news for @smallsteps! My wife is seems to enjoy counting steps and earning AFIT tokens with @actifit so that could be another app for @momone.

Is it that she's naturally a chef or was that a photoshoot? Hahaha what do I know? She looks adorable and if I may throw in a jive, I think writing a poem for your wife will do it, and you can contact me for such master piece I'll charge just 10 steem.
Lol however I do believe it's a blissful day in the life of a man to see such a landmark as an anniversary. Congratulations Sir

She was just whipping me up some after-work doughnuts :)
10 Steem? too much, I will have to write her a crappy one instead.

Lol well a crappy one might just do it because you share that closeness and she'll definitely appreciate it really.

See, now you are calling my poems crappy!! ;P

She wouldn't appreciate it most likely, she will say: "What's this crap? Where are my flowers?!?" :D

Hahaha nah nah you said you'd write her a crappy one I'm just reiterating 😂😂. Well we could make it 6 steem, she'll adore it hahaha

That child.... Gorgeous!! Happy travels. I envy you. Anniversary.... Mmmmmm no flowers they die. Gift an experience. It's better and a lovely memory. Congrats on the snnioand the new job!

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She is! Other than the donuts, I am not sure she is mine :)
Perhaps I will get her something to prep for the new job, like a mug:

😂 😂 😂 Men.... Too funny

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I can relate to that, easilly.

But there are so many perfect things for our loves ones to be found, I am sure you'll think of such a perfect thing. Just Give your mind a five-minute rest.

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The writing was the rest.

I will think of something she will actually use rather than something token as a memory - unless I get her some real tokens :D

When I have a chance, I would try to take the family on my business trips so they can explore the city while I work then meetup with them for dinner. If it is an interesting city, I would get in early or leave late to have a day to explore it with them. Tough these days due to school but something to consider!

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I have been hoping for this too. Some of my colleagues have managed it but I can't at the moment because @smallsteps can't travel. Definitely would be nice to be able to get a few days away, even if working the daylight hours.

A cute little baby growing up with us on Steemit. She looks definitely like you :)

She looks definitely like you :)

Poor girl! :D

Our anv. Birthdays all fall within a week of each other so we usually combination them some how. We call this our birth-aversaries.

Don't tell me it is Christmas week also ... :D