What Wires As One, Fires As One.

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My thoughts fascinate me multiple times a day.

I can't help but wonder, if at times, there are people in the world who are destined to be eternally solitary creatures, individuals of message and lesson, but nothing more than that. As though their darkness impedes on the light bringers, in order to cancel out the luminosity.

stormy sea.jpg

I find conflict and emotions to be interesting things: 1 because far too many believe these things to be "negative energy" when opposing things are voiced or demonstrated, and 2 because both things are incorrectly handled upon recognition. There is so much we don't know about ourselves, thus willing to run from the truth and project false irrationalities' onto those around us when our truths are actioned, challenged, or rebuked. Direction is key.

If we live in fear, thereby pacifying what and how we are neurologically wired to enact, how is anything but emotional nullification and therefore naivety the correct solution? as energy attracts energy, whatever is given a foundation to expand will do so. Should you clash, as what wires as one, fires as one, consider the measures in building a sizeable fire: without a path, there is no accumulative target, and the energy will gradually recede and diminish, if given no buffering momentum.

Your brain works the same way: If you concentrate on maintaining the negative, the energy will accumulate.
If you concentrate on maintaining momentum and symmetry, external environment will mimic the internal.
Minimise the embers, whereby controlling a wildfire, what smokes will eventually peter out.
And even if you conceal a path of action, as nothing is permanent, your truth will always prevail.

Choose wisely, do as your heart entails.




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