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So yesterday was groceries shopping day and I want to share some information with you regarding that activity.

First of all I want to let you know that we go grocery shopping in a monthly basis this requires certain amount of preparations and planning but it serves me in 2 ways. The first part is to keep my budget align with what I actually spend and also buy what I actually consume.

Both are quite important to each other because if you buy more than you can use or on the other hand things expired as you keep them in the pantry it will be just throwing hard earn money to the trash can. We do not have a strict shopping list and in fact it varies in a sort of predictable manner every 2 months.

So what's my budget you might ask,well we buy most of the groceries in one place and then meat in another place which is well know for it's quality and freshness. There are some veggies and fruits that we usually do not count as we go to the place like couple times in the month and adding all those expenses is less than $30 bucks at the end of the month, do mainly we have 2 sections:

  • Groceries: it cost us in average $225 per month and that has been pretty stable for at least last 5 years, it has increased a bit but I've always counted it as $300 Max in our budget.
  • Meat: $50is what we usually spend on different kind of meat: been, chicken and pork.

Overall I'll consider the full budget to be $400 but that includes many items that are not really a need but more likely a want,wine is one of them and if I need to pair down many items will be taken away and I'm sure budget can be way less.


This is what I bought for the month.


Meat if properly stored can last a lot and that's why we freeze it and manage it carefully so meat can last a lot.


Nice planning, I could probably do a better job at it!

Planning is key and also trying to throw things away it's pretty important. How much do you spend a month on groceries?

I spent 2,760.84 last year on groceries, about $230/month. Where I spend way too much money is eating out. I spent $275/month eating out (I take friends out for their birthdays/take my mom out for watching Leo, dates with the lady, etc.)

Now, the real offender in my lifestyle is booze. I spent ~$1,000 on wine alone last year :-)
I'd like to think I gift most of it away.... :P

Holly! I'm including wine/beers/whiskey as part of my monthly groceries is that bad :P

Agreed, do okay but I could do a lot better. Us Americans are a wasteful group.

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