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A lot of people you see online seem to run their life like a PR firm these days, talking about "genuine experiences" as so forth.

I think we all perpetuate an imaginary personal narrative which we present to the world in such a way as we think other people can either understand or accept as plausible, until someone or something presents itself in our path that makes us stop and rethink where we are heading, hopefully for the betterment of everyone involved.

Sometimes you are taught the narrative of your life by your family who have established their own story as a group and then on the larger scale you are taught to believe the societal narrative you are expected to follow the norms of. Where your own personal narrative becomes a factor is influenced by how well you can function within these other narratives or how you are perceived by those around you.

So a lot of people’s behavior seems to be based on how they feel they are being treated or are being told to behave by others who have more power or the need to have a cohesive unit to work among.


Good post

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I definitely agree that we present a different "self" to the world and to different situations. There is definitely a societal pressure placed on each individual to behave, act, dress in certain ways. Some of which are good but many of which may not be so good

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I think it is pretty interesting the number of people that are "influencers" now or trying to sell some kind of product. Everyone wants to be an Instagram star and no one just takes the time to be themselves and have a real life. It is pretty sad. I don't really know as though people know how to not be fake anymore.

Getting influenced is very common these days even social media pays to influencers.
We should rise above it.
Very thoughtful and nice post

I do agree with you that the digital era seems to feed the narcissist personality of many. In general there is big focus on personality, as opposed to true character.

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