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Whoops, was on hubby’s account ...

Interesting selfie, but yeah, where’s our next story?

I’m glad you have more companionship, but get your grades up or I’ll start nagging you, if only for fun.

Unexpected music choices too. I did not expect romantic carn with Perfect, or sensitive carn with I Hope You Dance. Lee Ann Womack’s song is a favourite of mine. Seeing another side to you. 😱🤗

Keep posting!

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I was kinda guessing that, it sounded like you ;)

And yeah, I got several sides, and some I feel like I'm just discovering myself. Emotions have been a little crazy lately. I have a small romantic playlist rn that I've been adding stuff to...

You know, it's kinda weird. There's a lot of stuff I'll tell my friends that I'd never post here, but some things I'll post here that I wouldn't say to them. (Like that ^ above) Some things you can only share with those you know you well, other things you can't tell them for that very reason.


Selfie was one of my bad nights. Was stressed out about everything. School. Family. Me. Stayed up till 4 that night (selfie was at 3). Had to get up for classes at 7. Still not an all bad memory, since another friend was going through the same thing and we messaged each other till about 3... Bitter-sweet kinda, with the bitter disappearing the farther I get from it. Not normally super stressed, just "pensive" like you called me or melancholy.
Hoodies are awesome though. They make me feel better when I'm stressed...

You got rid of your Discord account 😢. Any other way I can msg you?

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Dropped you a message.