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I work with a couple of guys that are near retirement age. These are both guys that are very tech savvy for their ages. They're in IT, they "get" technology, they have the money set aside for retirement and investment.

They both think Bitcoin is a joke. "It has no intrinsic value", "it isn't backed by anything".

You'll never convince them, or change their minds. People that fit into this category make up a huge proportion of society. Overwhelming majority. While that is the case, we'll never see the crypto "takeover" that many here imagine. It'll take decades for attitudes to shift adequately and widespread enough.

We will see the wheel constantly turning though. It should gradually become more and more accessible, more and more utilisable, more and more relatable to the average person.

About 20 years ago people were still carrying around cash for most of their spending. Most vendors would charge fees for EFTPOS transactions. Then EFTPOS took over, and everyone was paying by card and signing. Then pay wave took over and everyone was just touching to pay. Now a lot of people are paying on their phones or smart devices. We're getting closer...


I think that eventually, most people will be forced one way or another to change as either the technology is too efficient or, the draw of the value is too strong. All this does is leverage all of the tech and processes people already are using. it is going to move slow for us, fast when looking back.

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