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Hi There!

I do believe all men should be constantly studying, principally from their main subject, mine is Theology and the Bible. But also, I have found very important for today to learn certain principles of marketing, as well of programming . It is not a easy labor, at least for me.

There are at least two main ways that every one should keep clear in his mind. We learn marketing because of business. It is proper to work in those things the Lord allow us to do meanwhile we get His Word to the world. But we have to do it with honesty and integrity. So business for us become a matter really difficult if we do not have very clear what does it mean. On the other hand, both marketing and programming are subjects too complexes, and we have to learn just what we need to solve certain problems. And these subjects are the bread in which the majority of human beings are feeding today. Is a matter in which Christians must think in order to do right at all time.


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