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I have this good/bad habit to always be entertained. I remember my dad kept telling me "focus on your food when eating", but it feels so wasteful to not spend that time doing something else at the same time. I used to watch a lot of movies and tv shows in the past while eating, that did fill my entertainment thirst but at the same time it's just that, entertainment so i started to realize it's turning into a bad habit where I'm not really getting much out of it. I think this realization came to me mostly after I stumbled onto Steem and decided to focus on this weird little experiment at the time at a 100%.

Nowadays I try to watch something educational instead so that while I'm still not "focusing on my food" which my dad would be disappointed about, I'm still trying to turn it into more of a good habit than just it just being wasteful. To be honest I haven't been able to enjoy movies / tv shows the same way since Steem, it feels as though there is always something you can be doing. I'm sure many of you who are as addicted as me feel the same way. It's not even just about the earning aspect or thinking "oh well instead of doing this I could go and curate a post to earn some good CR or drop a comment here and there to earn an upvote or build a new connection today that may get me more votes in the future". It just feels like there is constantly something to do, something to build and something missing that you want to try and fill that hole up.

That's pretty much the story of my Steem life if I'm being honest. It's not like I've come up with something that innovative that is still running today, it's been more about looking what exists, what maybe could be done better and trying my best to improve on those parts for the ecosystem. Fun fact, OCD was started because there was a curation trail project that was literally taking people's content, "promoting" them onto new posts and not even giving the original author an upvote but just rewarding themselves and giving the people doing the work behind these accounts that someone else owned a small share - often missing. Unfortunately that's how things are with early technology, it's the same everywhere in the world if there is no regulation. If people get into power and they can abuse it and get away with it, most of the time they will and won't care about the long term effects it has on the same ecosystem that they are earning from. Sad to see these people still around with not much consequences behind their past actions but someone will always remember, and if not the blockchain will.

Oh and if you're reading this and wondering where I'm actually going with this, I don't know to be honest, hence I titled it Ramble before I even began writing cause I knew it was going to go all over the board. Let's bring it back a bit to what I initially wanted to talk about though.


I really enjoy the Kurzegesagt (in a nutshell) youtube videos, these are usually my primary source of "education" I like to watch/listen when eating nowadays. I'm also really interested in space stuff and philosophy lately, but anyway my main interest is still blockchain tech and I can't help but have it in the back of my mind each time I see/read/listen to something. It shows me how revolutionary it really is when most things I stumble upon that exist today could be improved with blockchain. I was lucky and got to understand this tech early, I'm not sure why I stuck to attempting to figure more out about it to make it obvious to me why it was so innovative but I did and if I could go back in time I wouldn't change a thing - except maybe being a better hodler and trader.

So I was first watching this video about quantum computing by Kurzgesagt while waiting for my food to cool off a bit and there it was not hard to not think blockchain as they literally mention what quantum computing in the future could do to encryption that blockchain's use such as the whole public/private key part. Luckily we are still somewhat far off from that but it's gonna be interesting how we figure out solutions for that as well, superpositions are scary!

Then I started watching one about CRISPR and how revolutionary they made it out to be - which it is, it's just funny how when it's something more practical and somewhat easy to explain (the tech to edit genetics is getting much better) everyone praises it and sees the value. Then on the other hand when Satoshi came out with his innovation to the double spend problem and making decentralization possible most people ignored it for the longest time until they realized it's going to literally change the whole way we perceive money, value and information.

Anyway, to end this ramble. What do you do while eating? Look at your food? Make sure it doesn't end up in the wrong pipe? Any other kind of entertainment?

I'm pretty exicted about the future when it comes to technology and what it is enabling and what we are making of it - at the same time it's a bit sad about all the political and dumb shit people still keep focusing on that may cut that future short. I'm hoping blockchain technology was not invented too late, to still save the people from the enslavement of the debt economy but that it was late enough for no one to be able to stop it due to how crucial internet is to everyone. In Finland it is even considered a human right to access to the internet.

I think Satoshi doesn't get enough credit.

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I went from social media lurker in reddit and Twitter to a relatively active participant now that I see every comment and chat as an opportunity to earn or connect and meet new people lol.

I used to make fun of people that cared too much about social media, turns out I'm in social media now more than them and give in more importance than what they used to lol.

The only content I can enjoy these days without feeling too much guilt are documentaries or tutorials because it makes me feel productive as well!

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That feeling of "I should be doing something" is hell. My "cure" is mindfulness practice. If you put the cynicism away, it can do miracles for you. I actually need to write a post recommending the app that helped me make mindfulness a habit. Also, I used to watch TED lectures while eating when I worked in an office. It's perfect length-wise and you can look away at your food as it's mostly audio-based.

My daughter goes mad for the Kurzegesagt videos, they are awesome!

I browse through steemit while eating food. I also drop comments and votes here and there just like you in the expectation of making new connections. We are on the same page then!

I've started to learn more technical aspects of blockchain quite recently. Hope I can swim through it with high efficiency.

Good luck on your Steem journey! :)

I normally watch shows or anime or even youtube vids when I eat because it's the only time I actually look at the show/anime/vid. Because when I'm not eating I'd just use those or music as background noise when I draw

Hmmm total market cap at over 250 billion for cryptocurrency and we have had higher. The market value for CRISPR is? I think Satoshi gets a bit of credit every time a transaction on a blockchain happens. It might not be said but it’s there like an invisible whisper.

As far as my food. I’m usually reading comments or thinking about creating content. I best check into the Steem Rehab Clinic I think! I wonder if such a thing would have they their own coins to pay with?!? Future content ideas I suppose right there.

what do i do when eating

i ask my kids what they did today. tough gig, they would rather eat and run so they can watch tv / ipad etc

Hmm, why did I always imagine you as a 20 year old not father. :D

ha, if i was twenty, i would own the trending page. bid bot the fk out of it every weekend. be heaps more fun then drunk texting:)

You do good rambles!

So, I like to watch documentaries when I eat...Like you say, just seems productive and I get to learn something. Keep in mind, if I'm eating pizza and @tarazkp, or any of my brother's, are around...Eyes on my food bro! Otherwise it might go missing. 😂

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lol :D

it feels as though there is always something you can be doing. I'm sure many of you who are as addicted as me feel the same way.

I know that feel. Not a lot in entertainment world that can hold my attention anymore.

I used to watch a lot of YT, but nowadays I actually read Steem posts when eating. Most of my education (non-Steem related) I get from podcasts. Listened yesterday Mindscape podcast episode on quantum mechanics - that stuff is complicated. Btw, Sean Carroll's Mindscape one of my favorite pidcasts with a wide range of topics outside quantum mechanics, too. In fact Episode 13 was about Blockchain and Cryptocurrency, so I highly recommend checking it out!


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The constant quest to live the present is a philosophical teaching.

It is a constant search in me, but as you say, very complicated. My mind these days is always wandering around the world steem.

The world of crypto currencies is more complex, I arrived a few months ago with the entrance to steem. I must accelerate the step to catch up.

I only eat while eating lol. And people say I eat too much xD

Since this photograph is yours, I would also add photography tag so you can get some PHOTO-token as well ;)

Kurzgesagt Rocks!

I loves to write so I come to here . Steemit is a great way for bloggers .

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