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Time for Zeke to get preachy in hopes of making you pause and consider something in the middle of your busy day. Once a week, I love hosting this chat and share something that made me stop and think of solutions. I deal with so many problems on a given day, sometimes it keeps you focused upon them and no the solutions. So, a break in that action to think about something positive, constructive and solution-focused is good for us!

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This is a good one I had to stop and read for a few reasons:

  1. I like the phrase "find a way" and was pleased to find it in the heart of the message.
  2. I love supporting the little people. The underdog. The person who is dealing with something that can seem crushing and just needs a little help to rise up.
  3. Following this advice is simply a selfless way to pay it forward and can be done constantly.
  4. I really appreciate the fact that someone spent a good amount of time transforming this valiant notion into art.

Keeping an eye out for those needing a little help, attention or care really has to be at the heart of what we do. Those falling behind, being ignored or not knowing their own worth are usually just victims of other folks suffering those same afflictions but dealing with it in different ways. Just like violence and negativity tend to duplicate themselves, empathy and kindness has the same power.

I contest that it is easier to dislike or hate something than it is to find ways to appreciate or love it. If this is true, certainly it takes more effort to be positive than negative. So, to follow the message in these words will take more of your energy than not to. What better way to spend your energy? Investing in someone else.

Reminding people of their worth will probably take the most energy. In order not to get sanctimonious or condescending and resorting to flattery, it will take some investment. It may take some coaxing or listening to learn what that worth may be. We know it HAS to be there and it will be in this discovery that a bond will be made. I think this is half the battle when it comes to helping someone. Plus, an inspired person is worth even more to others and themselves.

Still, it starts with one small act. That first step is the most important in the marathon. It is up to you to find a way. Find a way to be nice.


I hope to see your comments, deep thoughts and conversation in the reply section. Better yet, join @wesphilbin and create your own #thoughtfuldaily post. Be sure to tag me in it so that I can toss you an upvote and get you some Marlians in the process.





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Thought-provoking @zekepickleman - as it was supposed to be.

I do love the homily stitched on some cloth and framed.

it is easier to dislike or hate something than it is to find ways to appreciate or love it. If this is true, certainly it takes more effort to be positive than negative

You are so right. It is also a matter of attitude and choice. Both sometimes difficult to change/make.

Absolutely. I find when I am being negative, I just have to acknowledge that and know I am better than that. Motivates me to switch to positive and come up with the solution.

You always have the best conversation in comments.

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I'm at work, but I felt like reading those nice stitched messages. Use of the word them makes me smile at the gender neutrality, but makes me wonder if they risk overlooking the individual in their valiant effort to be inclusive.

Good point!

Valiant effort for materialize a great message and I will just overlook the pronoun oversight ;)

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I find it the easiest thing in the world to do, the choice to be positive instead of negative. This does not mean there are no moments of negativity - sometimes it is warranted - but if you want to, you can turn that right around. Joy is always within reach, always. Nice post.

I love this post and in our work we deal with the "underdogs" every day.
And we win in many cases, as the thing to do is what we call "dignity restoration".
I am paraphrasing a code here "go to the people, live with them. teach them all that you know, help them to get started and when you leave, they will say that they did it all themselves"!
"Find a way indeed"

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This is a really nice positive piece. I came across it twice last week - once at random, and once in #pypt - and both times I tried to think of something additive to say, but I think your post and thoughts really do stand on their own on this one. Thank you for sharing! We need more positivity.