Removing People From Their Homes

in #thisscaresme2 years ago

I find this very disturbing.

My husband and I have an agreement to care for each other in the event that either of us get Covid-19, unless and until it became obvious that hospital treatment would be necessary.

It is not okay with me that anyone remove us from our home.

Are you really going to let someone remove someone from your home?

If your family member had contact with someone else and you have one bathroom... We will move that person.

Are you going to sit by and let this become normal?


Seems most people are absolutely letting this happen, even vehemently supporting it.

I have a recent post outlining some US constitution violations, and Patriot act violations, in video format.

In accordance to our constitution, this is tyranny, and they've done a swell job of removing the history which matters in school indoctrination camps.

If people really understood the constitution in the United States, they would not allow this to happen.

Many parts here still have people wielding guns! Too bad we're up against tanks and 60GHz freqs.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It's nice to see we still have some non-zombies around with an innate understanding of intrinsic human rights.

Just when I've seen it all!

Far too much normalising of the destruction of civil liberties going on.

The 'only' people who need to be 'removed' from their homes, are 'YOU' Robert Levin, along with anyone else supporting or acting upon this 'evil' agenda of kidnapping and jailing innocent citizens.

Try it 'first' with the top law-enforcement officials within your County, and see how 'that' works out for you and your gang of misguided fools...

This is where the second amendment comes in.

I totally agree with you @whatsup. This is very disturbing because no one will take my kids or anyone out of my home. This is sick, because if I don't feel like my kids or husband need to be hospitalized or need serious care, then they have no right to kidnap my kids or anyone from their homes.

I like that you used the word kidnapping

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