Why watch tv when you can watch Bitcoin Drama ?

in #thisisfun3 years ago

If you're like me and became involved with cryptocurrency within the last few months, you have a tendency to stare at the price of bitcoin 24/7 rather than binge watch the latest show. With the price of BTC going ten fold over the course of just a few months it's hard not to stare at it. Where's it going to go next? It's like an addiction to a soap opera that never ends, wit the cliffhanger being when the price reaches the current resistance line or flirts dangerously close to it's last support whereas we gasp, hold our breaths, grab a drink and a bowl of popcorn, or just sit with anxious anticipation, eyes glued to our phones and computer screens. Is it healthy--this new addiction? Probably not, but it sure beatsbeats the hell out of youtube or nbc commercials.
Just remember to take a break, take a walk, eat, sleep, and spend time with your loved ones.
Bitcoin will be here tomorrow. It's not going anywhere (but up, at some point, probably).


I'm right there with you, you are not alone!!! lol