Awesome Daily - Daily Spotlight and Daily Upvotes - August 6 2019

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This is the Awesome Daily Spotlight and Awesome Daily Upvotes of August 6 2019, from @thisisawesome.

Awesome Daily Spotlight

The Awesome Daily Spotlight is the upvoting and resteeming of 1 awesome post per day, and that post will also be promoted on Twitter, plus included in this Awesome Daily report, as well as the Awesome Weekly Spotlight that is posted on Sundays.

The Awesome Daily Spotlight can be a DTube video, a great article, amazing art, or anything that has that bit of extra awesome quality.

This is todays Awesome Daily Spotlight

  • Playing Splinterlands - by @mickvir, and this was his livestream on, where he played Splinterlands, he goes live the same time every day, and he is an awesome guy to chat with, check it out.

Awesome Daily Upvotes

The Awesome Daily Upvotes is upvoting of 4 additional posts of awesome quality, and they will also be included in this Awesome Daily report, and they come from 4 different categories that support mainly new Steemians.

  • An awesome CTPtalk post, in support of this tribe on from @jongolson, and we also have some CTP tokens to vote with.

  • An awesome Actifit report, in support of the @actifit DApp.

  • An awesome Cleanplanet report, in support of the very important @cleanplanet project.

  • An awesome Freewrite story, in support of the @freewritehouse project from @mariannewest.

This is todays Awesome Daily Upvotes per category


  • The Addiction that is - by @russellstockley, and here he has a really impressive CTP scoreboard, plus he explains the genius of the moving goalpost, and how that makes you reach higher goals.




Daily Suggestions

You can suggest posts to be included in the Awesome Daily Spotlight and Awesome Daily Upvotes, by linking to a recent post or video of awesome quality that you or someone else has done in the comments below, or in our Discord:

Awesome Curation Trail

The Awesome Curation Trail is a way for this project to deliver upvotes automatically to Steemians who create awesome posts, and we do this using @steemauto, apart from the 5x votes that we do manually every day, we also have 5x votes left to deliver.

If you want to join this trail read this post for how to apply, Announcement: The Awesome Curation Trail Is Now Live.

You can join in one or more of these categories:

  1. Curation Trail Follower
  2. Delegator
  3. Affiliate

We have worked really hard to make this the best curation trail that we are able to, and hope you will join soon.

Current Curation Trail Members

UU (Upvote Units)

1 UU = 25% upvote weight

1 daily vote per member

NameCuration Trail FollowerDelegatorAffiliateUU
@cryptospa-51 SP-1
@alokkumar121-51 SP-1
@flaxz35%60 SP-2


Apart from receiving upvotes from the curation trail, delegators also get paid in SBI Units using 100% of all liquid earnings coming into this account, they are paid out every Sunday, and you can read all details and the latest payouts in the last Awesome Weekly Spotlight.

Thank You!

Thank you very much for reading this report and for supporting this project, it is run by @flaxz, and the goals are to "highlight awesome content on the Steem blockchain, and to grow the Steem ecosystem by rewarding such content".

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