Kohli is still king

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Kohli is still king
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03 March, 018, 12:57
Updated: 03 Mar2018, 12:59

Dhoni is the captain in the field, so captain can. Photo: AFP
Dhoni is the captain in the field, so captain can. Photo: AFP
This has happened many times in Indian cricket. Bratya became the first king to get the new king. But Mahendra Singh Dhoni did not do that; Rather than understanding the throne from Dhoni, Virat Kohli has still made Dhoni a king. There are many moments when it is understood that Dhoni's captaincy brain is still being used in this team to sort out tactics. Dhoni is the captain of the field, Kohli also concedes it to Khushiman.

The last captaincy in Indian cricket was to go through a bitter experience with Sourav Ganguly. Saurav also praised Kohli's mentality, saying, "Everyone has to learn from Kohli, who is doing MS Dhoni. There are not too many teams, where you see, the current captain is taking so much care of the former captain. On the other hand, the former captain was pushed away from one side. But Kohli is different. For this reason, a great leader and a great leader. He has created a team, has teamed up, and it is with everyone. '

In the end of 2014, Dhoni left Test cricket, Dhoni said. Then, in the beginning of the year, the ODI and T20 captains were released. Then there is a question about Dhoni's future. How much time will the 37-year-old Dhoni be in India for the 2019 World Cup, whether he should look for alternatives now?

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