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being in america for over 22 years , the dream i have always dreamt of about america is eventually coming through with my association with steemit. i have atcually being involved in the crypto space since 2013, i was introduce into bitcoin by a friend after much disscusion we both went to walmart to buy moneypack which was a criteria to buy bitcoin on localbitcoin.com; which infact is a good platform to buy all altcoin and also ananomous to used with no trace at all.
i bought my first bitcoin at the price of $ 1,100; infact the whole process of buying this bitcoin took me and my about 5 hours to get done. ; which to me and my friend was very accomplishing. But later did i know that i was trashing my investment that was surposed to be meant for my 3 siblings in africa for their school tuition in college, cause i took the responsibility of a guaidian since we last our both parents.
It was a risk i took, a risk because; back in africa if you miss school for a year, you will have to start from the sratch regardless of what level you where in school, you see why it was a risk i took,
as the days were going by, this huge story about mt gox aligating them of scam; was the story of the day that immediately drove the price of bitcoin down. although i had to look for an alternative to take care of my siblings. thank god.
the mt gox saga now plunge bitcoin to as low as $ 199. during this period i was now doing research on how to get out of this bad investment and also to learn more on the crypto space, cos it was getting very interesting . It was during my research i found the company called ethereum . i followed them up to the crowdfunding period which i finally bought into . This was what open me up for how nice and sweet you can make money in the crypto world. i have been to a few of the seminars, a member of bitcoin atlanta
But can not ask for more until i found steemit which is bringing a paradigm to social media,. so ladies and gentlemen a new revolution is here that has taken off already, make no mistake not to share this awsome opportunity of getting rich with your mama, papa, brothers,sisters, and friends cos they will not be happy with you.
this is what i call ( all gravy in the navy )


Welcome my brother! Now go do your America a favor and do the #cornwins challenge! I think you may have a good shot!