One Black & White Photograph Daily for 30 days - Day #24

an unknown bird singing on my friend's window

Camera : SAMSUNG
Model : GT-I8262
Location : Bongaon, West Bengal, India
Snap Taken : 23 february 2015


all i can say is the timing was dammn are so pro that you dont need high gears with high shutter speed even with a cheap smartphone you come up with such amazing pics

Yes, I always give the "object" top priority not, the equipment. Thank you :)

Hes/shes hungry? xD

maybe. but, when I clicked it was singing :)

Nice photography

Very nice photo. The bird as if understood your intention and gave her best pose. Hahaha..

lol so true

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Truly a beautiful photography. I liked this bird's photography, I love the bird. Thank you so much for sharing this bird's photography.