One Black & White Photograph Daily for 30 days - Day #20

I took this photograph of white china rose from my balcony where I have a miniature flower garden. The scientific name of this flower is Hibiscus rosa-sinensis. In the autumn season the white china rose trees are showing up their new leaves with young buds. This young buds will become flowers later.

This flower has a marvelous look …

Camera : Xiaomi
Model : 2014818
Location : Kolkata, West Bengal, India
Snap Taken : 05 Nov 2015

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Awesome photography.

I love your photographic skills. Thanks for sharing.

the flowers are amazing @royalmacro.. leaves on this flower a lot of benefits.
Leaf Hibiscus rosa sinensis efficacious as a fever medicine in children, cough medicine, and sprue medicine. Leaf Hibiscus rosasinensis efficacious as a drug fever in children, cough medicine, and sprue medicine.

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stunning photo @royalmacro. Hibiscus are quite common in the streets here in Cape Town but never white... always in the brightest pinks.

Saya menyukainya photo hitam putih yang bagus

Good For!!!

Pemandangan yang sangat bagus perjalanan dan foto yang bagus.

Amazing Photographs

amazing photographs

black white great combinations

no dout of its so great photography