One Black & White Photograph Daily for 30 Days – Day #1

Here's my first entry for the black & white daily photo challenge. Taken with an iPhone 6.

IMG_3208.jpgThe woman wearing a hat is María Zambrano

A good friend of mine, Juan Ponce de León, gave me some years ago an exceptional gift: a little sculpture he had made as a project for a public contest in which he turned out to be a finalist. The Poet's Tomb is cast in bronze. Tiny silver-plated figures sit in the massive metal blocks making an awesome contrast .


Expecting for the next, lazylatin ;)

it looks an interesting sculpture :)
wait? was it made by a friend? god, that talent :O
seriously very lovely

Thank you for the comment! Ponce is a talented fellow, unfortunately, he's mentally ill and not in very good shape any longer– It happens sometimes with talented people–

owww, that is really bad and sad
i wish him the best of the bests
at least he was able to give good moments and good projects to others; he gave a mark, looking at works like this from him, i really wish him the best.

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