By the time of the psychological defense and amplifier,

in #thinking3 years ago

y the time of the psychological defense and amplifier, even Homer has his immortal creations, Odyssey, Hermes gives special plants In defense of negative influences People have always tried to protect themselves from spoilage and witchcraft aspiration and that's why people tried to keep the same way and away from those who were engaged in this witchcraft. And they were engaged they have to say a very large number of people because in principle it existed in the villages it was preserved for 1000 years because for witchcraft in general it's nothing special and it's not necessary only in Harry Potter is shown magical wands strange headgear retorts flasks and other attributes of witchcraft in fact it is in the brain of a person in his positive ability or vice versa negatively affects the surrounding processes associated with life from the Living one must be said that even under Soviet power, the study of witchcraft a very active twenties was published Nikitin's book on the issue of Russian sorcerers before the revolution, our famous researcher of the Russia

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