How to be smart: The best ten ways to become smart

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There are many who believe that intelligence is a talent, and that the level of intelligence is fixed and genetic does not change from childhood to aging. This is not true. No matter how intelligent you are born, you can become smart by doing a variety of activities throughout life. Intelligence is a matter of training and adaptation, and we can learn intelligence as we learn swimming, cycling, cooking and every other activity.
Research has shown that neurons in the brain can continue to increase in size with intellectual stimulation. But the opposite is also true: when a person stops learning new things, the brain stops growing. A recent study revealed that a group of people who kept their minds active and learned new things did not have Alzheimer's disease, while another group had no intellectual activities that were more likely to develop Alzheimer's disease.

How to become smart

If you want to become smarter and keep your brain healthy, here are the top ten ways to increase your IQ:

1 - Learn every day something new

Whether learning a new word, a historical fact or a description of scientific discovery, learning new things every day will help you improve your memory, take part in a new foreign language learning course from a site you enjoy visiting, or read a few pages each day from a book that teaches you New things .
But reading information is not enough. If you want to keep it, you must apply what you learn and explain it to others. Try daily sessions to remember everything you learned during the day.

2- Maintain the fitness of your mind

Solving puzzles can help to develop the flexibility of your mind. Answer the crosswords on Sunday morning, solve a mystery Wednesday night, try to reach the next level in a thinking video game, there are many things that will enable you to develop your intelligence level and keep your mind on alert.

  1. Focus on cumulative learning

To prevent your attempts to know from being in vain, make sure that what you learn this week is based on the knowledge gained during the previous weeks. A good example is learning a language. All new vocabulary and grammatical rules depend on what you've learned before.

  1. Look for a new hobby

Becoming smarter is the result of learning new things and trying to brainwash your brain differently by using parts that are not normally used. Choose a hobby for yourself that will keep you brain occupied in a way you never did before.

  1. Eat properly

Foods such as cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes, berries and fish help to improve brain function, you can take dietary supplements help and make sure you eat enough fat. Your brain can not work If you are in a famine, and your mind needs cholesterol and fat enough, give it what it needs.

  1. Positive thinking

People who think they will not succeed in developing their minds will not be able to do so. Ultimately, the power of positive thinking is a key element in the process of brain development, and there are people who are born with good intelligence abilities or maybe better than average, but when a child hears his mother or brother The older ones repeat to him that he is stupid, he will eventually become a fool. Try self-suggestion: sit in a quiet place and write on the sheet 14 times the following sentence: "I am very intelligent", then write next to what comes to yourself at the same moment, repeat this exercise 28 days, and you may find amazing results.

  1. Keep your body active

Exercise by joining contributes to the development of the physical level, we all know this, but the rarity has other properties as it contributes to the development of the brain as well. On the one hand, exercise contributes to the development of motor skills. On the other hand, athletes are less likely to suffer from memory-related diseases such as Alzheimer's disease.

8 - Save the Koran

Conservation helps to activate memory, and the best thing you can save is the Holy Quran. Some studies have shown that memorizing the Quran helps to develop memory and activate the mind, so it is known that the keeper of the Holy Quran rarely suffers from dementia or Alzheimer's.

9 - Try fasting

Believe it or not: Frequent eating, you go acumen and moderation increases intelligence, try fasting from time to time, deaf 3 days a month or Monday and Thursday, will receive the reward and get intellectual and spiritual purity.

  1. Do not despair

Sometimes we do not realize our strengths until we fail in something we do not master. Do not be afraid to try to do something you know you do not get well and know that you can choose the path of intelligence and success as you can choose the path of despair and failure.

Act like a smart person

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