I think therefore I am becoming what I thought

in think •  2 months ago 

Hmmm... that title is a little bit off, but yeah I am a little bit off most of the time :D

Would just like to give all my YouTube and cyber peeps a huge shout out for keeping me gamefully employed online all these years. I am still here plugging away day to day, but mostly ghostly since I gotta work a J.O.B. now.

Today for instance I have to feed my cats in the early AM. Get myself ready for a long work day, and get out on the road so I can bring home some Mulla! $ now imagine if I was still home dreaming of earning a living. That would truly suck for my wife, because she is and was for many years the true bread winner of the house. She hated when I didn't have a J.O.B. and she had every right to.

Okay back on topic, ummm... yeah we are whatever we think we are, but in reality it's more like whatever we act on becoming. So I have become a go getter once more and not going back to being just a dreamer without anything to show. You know!

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