Find out how technology can save this year's Christmas

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Let’s think about what we’ll do this Christmas holiday. As it appears that 2020 doesn’t want to let up and it found a way to affect even the most celebrated holiday in the country, we need to figure out how we can make it memorable for the whole family. While 2019 and every year before that, this was the holiday to celebrate with our loved ones, 2020 wants to change that. Are we going to let it?

Social distancing is the norm, whether we want it or not. It’s the best way to keep this virus outside of our homes. Some of us haven’t seen our grandparents or parents for weeks or even months because of safety reasons. This COVID pandemic made it so. We live in an age when caring for someone needs to transcend physical boundaries as physical proximity is something to avoid in some cases. So how can we show people we care when hugging or kissing is not an option?

Virtual distancing or physical distancing?

While we live in the age of a pandemic, things are not what they had been over 100 years ago. Fortunately, we also live in the age of technology, and because of that, we can limit social distancing to physical distancing. The CDC recommendations mention that we shouldn’t get closer than 6 feet of other people, but it doesn’t say we can not talk to them, see them or socialize. And because of the technological advances the 21st century gave us, we can socialize from across the globe with the ones we love if we want.

We can social distance and be closer to the people that we care about than we usually could. Technology allows us to. The internet makes it possible, and when we can do anything online, why shouldn’t we do this as well? Especially given the current circumstances that we’re living in. So let’s see exactly how we can make this Christmas still be about spending time with family even if they aren’t close by.

Family Christmas in a pandemic


Everyone wants to see their families over the holidays. Children come home from college, families visit their older relatives, and everyone gathers around the Christmas Tree. Or at least that’s what we are used to. This year, however, will be different, but that doesn’t mean we won’t be able to celebrate with the people we care most about, no matter how much physical distance is between us. If you can’t ensure you stay off the naughty list during this year’s Christmas and can’t invite everyone to a Christmas party, here are a few ways in which you can ensure that no one feels left out.

Stay connected

As we live in the age of technology, a few feet away or countless miles away don't have to be so different. Today we have a vast option of social media platforms that can keep us connected with our loved one from another state, country, or continent as Christmas can be celebrated differently across the world. The internet makes distance disappear with the touch of one button.

Unfortunately, we aren't talking about teleportation, but given the situation, video calling is the next best thing. Like this, your grandmother will be safe at home while her favorite grandchild tells her all about their favorite new toy virtually. She can help you make the perfect brisket, following her top-secret recipe, without having to travel across the country to bake it herself in your oven. She can see the joy in your eyes as you open the Christmas presents she sent without spending hours on the road. The connection is still possible, and love transcends borders through a trustworthy internet supplier.

Virtual deliveries


oing to the mall to buy the perfect gift can be quite risky with the spread of Coronavirus in some states, and even with every precaution taken, transmission can still happen. But why go to a place where people touch everything and spread germs everywhere when most retail magazines have online options for shoppers.

A shopping spree no longer translates to hours spent browsing through stores and miles upon miles of ground covered just to find that perfect gift. In this day and age, shopping can be as comfortable as scrolling through your phone's apps. Why? Because it can literally be just that. Many phone apps comprise many retail shops that you can access from the comfort of your couch, bed, dining table, or, why not, hammock. Why tire your feet through aisles upon aisles of items when you can just use your thumb to find what you are looking for.

Before the pandemic buying a gift for someone that lives far away would entail walking around stores for hours to find the perfect gift, wrapping the present and then driving to their house, even if that meant crossing state lines. Now, as things have changed in regards to safety and hygiene norms, all this can be translated to a few clicks, scrolls and a credit card. Keep safe during this holiday and order online the best Christmas presents so that you don't risk the health of the people you care most for.

For a more personal experience, there are delivery options that can ensure a live stream of the actual delivery so that you can see your loved ones react to your presents even if you don't deliver it yourself.

Personal deliveries


For those that want a more in-person delivery, we got you covered as well. We do want to stress; however, that based on CDC guidelines, this system of delivery should be limited to short distances. So no cross country deliveries are recommended.

If your loved ones live in the same city or, at the most, the same county, there is a possibility that you can drive to their house, leave the present on their doorstep, get safely back in your car, then honk the horn or give them a call, so they know that their presents were delivered.

To do this as safely as possible, there are a few things that you should be careful with. Before you deliver the presents, you can get yourself tested to know if you have the virus. With COVID testing free across the country, you only have to find the closest testing facility to your home. Once that is taken care of, and you reach your loved one’s house before you place the gift on their doorstep, you can disinfect it. A disinfectant wipe can be used as it is based on alcohol which will help clean the present of any germs. For this purpose alone, if you wrap the gift in wrapping paper, make sure it’s the kind that does not get affected by alcohol or liquids.



While you might not have the best voice, your relatives still enjoy your off-pitch caroling as much as you do. During this rather unpleasant time, in-person caroling should be limited as singing may release more amounts of the virus from an infected person. Because of that, we can turn to trusty technology again.

If before this year, caroling with your family was one of the most warming Christmas activities, this year, caroling can be translated to virtual caroling. Let’s say your cross-state family was used to receiving a Christmas card from your family. You know, those personal cards that show you, your significant other, and your children all wearing matching Christmas outfits in front of the real or artificial Christmas Tree? Those that are wonderful in their awkwardness and that everybody loves.

For this year, you can aim for something even better. Get your family together, maybe still in matching Christmas sweaters, and make a video of all of you caroling. That video can then be sent to all your friends and family along with your best wishes and Christmas cheer.


The Coronavirus pandemic has really altered how we live, love, and laugh. Unfortunately, this Christmas isn’t any different. While we won’t be able to hug our parents as we wish them a Merry Christmas or hand our children from college their present, our love can still be shared and reached in an instant. This Christmas will be distant, but only physically as society finds a way to transcend borders through the virtual world. Virtual proximity implements physical distancing, which is what these social distancing norms actually are in the first place. These are just some of the ways through which you can bridge the physical gap between the people you care most for in these trying times, so make sure you make the most use of them. No one should feel alone during Christmas, and today, no one has to.

Make sure to send as much love and affection as possible to all the people you can through the online platforms that we have available this Christmas. Like & Share this article with everyone that can not be next to their loved one physically, as the virtual world allows proximity through one click.

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