Another dirtbag shoplifter at our store.

in #thieves3 years ago

I am so frustrated. We spent over $1500 for a surveillance system and still getting shoplifters at the store.
20190927_113550 (2).jpg
Here is the culprit holding a crystal ball with base.
20190927_113618 (2).jpg
First she puts the base into her bag.
20190927_113648 (3).jpg
Then she turns and puts the ball in her bag. Note the my mother(upper left hand corner), who was manning the store that day, has her back to her...and she knew it as she was watching as she did it. Really? Five feet in front of the camera.

We filed a police report but needless to say, it was a discouraging day after this discovery. Now today I have had the frustrating and aggravating task of going through surveillance videos. I did discover that she had taken something prior to this. In the video, she waited until my mother turn away from her and quickly took two or three pieces of black tourmaline and moved away as my mother turned back around.
20190927_113907 (2).jpg
In the upper left hand corner her hand is seen taking the tourmaline. I believe this action and believing she got away with it, emboldened her to steal the crystal ball.

I pray that somehow the Lord would move in her heart to return it. It was a consignment item, so now we're out $45 for the cost of the ball and the tourmaline, as well as the profit lost.

I think we'll have to look into hiring a Security Guard for the days my mother is manning the store.

I know this is a long shot, but if anyone knows this person let us know or at least talk to her about what she has done. and that it is being posted world wide.

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