TWB Workshops 12/19/18

Hello! It's me again, @tanglebranch...didja miss me?


The holidays are upon us! This past week, our workshops wound up being small and quiet. Many of our regulars (myself included!) are simply run off our feet by the December grind, holiday-related or not.

So, since we're busy af very few were able to join in, and I'm a super generous diva thoughtful person, I'm being lazy extending the prompts for last week into this week!

Here they are:

Workout Wednesday 12/19/2018 at 15:00 EST/20:00 UTC (voice meeting, text-based feedback available anytime!) - Choose Your Ending! Write a 250-word (or less) conclusion to the following opener:

Dawson held his breath. The speedometer climbed steadily: eighty, ninety, a hundred, one-ten. The car screamed across the pavement, an electric blur in a midnight landscape.

Freshman Friday 12/21/2018 @ 09:00 EST/14:00 UTC and 21:00EST/02:00 UTC (next day)- Let's talk Point Of View. This is so important to get right in our writing, so how's about some practice? Bring a scene written in first person to share. 250 words or less, and be sure to include at least two characters interacting in some way.

Sophomore Saturday 12/22/2018 @ 15:00 EST/20:00 UTC- Plot or Pants? Which is your preferred method of creating a storyline? Let's chat about what works (or doesn't) for you.

That's right. You heard me. All you slackers that didn't get your homework done? You just got an extension. You're welcome.

(Now accepting praises in the form of chocolate, knitting paraphernalia, large untraceable sums of cash, and the blood of your enemies.)


Taking into account that it's a very busy time of year for people everywhere, I'm eager to hear from you lovely folks.

I really want to be able to find a timetable that works, as the current schedule is very much an experimental one. We have a spreadsheet going in our channel where people can drop in their availability, and perhaps by extrapolating from that data, we will find out that there are better times to be meeting than what is currently scheduled. So please do drop by! Come for the spreadsheet, stay for the--um...

Look, just click on the TWB link below, and tell 'em Tangle sent ya.

(They'll let you in, promise.)

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