Hacked Discord

Aaack! We were hacked!

Server raids are not uncommon on Discord. It was only a matter of time until we got hit. Fortunately, @gmuxx was sitting right on top of things when it occurred and minimized the damage. We had assumed that the quarantine we have set up in Welcome Center would thwart a raid or at least slow it down, but it did not. Within seconds, a well-coordinated strike banned almost all our members, added strange channels, and renamed almost everything.


So if you find yourself locked out of the server, please drop back in so we can restore your role. We have very dedicated volunteers going through the ban log unbanning everyone and reaching out to those we know have been kicked. Please know that if you don't currently have access, we are working hard to restore functionality of the Block.

Thank you!

How to Join TWB

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Whoa, really? I didn't know this was a thing. Why do hackers do this?

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Yeah, I don't know what gets into people. What purpose could this possibly serve? All is pretty much back to normal now. GMuxx was on top of it. Still stragglers out here and there we're trying to get back in, and some of our protocols are borked (like Welcome Center quarantine,) but those are fixable. Come on in if you haven't already. It's business as usual. :-)

Good luck in restoring your Discord in short order.


So far, it looks like we have everything back to perfect working order. We didn't lose anything, thank goodness, except some members floating around out there in the ether. Well, I take that back. @Gmuxx probably lost a few years off his life trying to fix everything, but hopefully he gets plenty of rest tonight and gets those years back. :-)


Click through the link "how to join" and I'll be there to restore role.

So sorry to hear this.


Well, Muxxy was on it. And Crimsonclad and Shadowspub and Anarcho Andrei. A pain in the butt, but no real damage thanks to their quick action. If you got booted out, by all means please come back in.

Mean, naughty mischief-makers! They are full of poop!


I know! And what did it accomplish? Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Im sorry to hear that you got hacked @thewritersblock

hope you will get back on track ASAP