February 2019 Updates

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[February 2019 Updates]

Posted on February 24, 2019 by The Venus Project

We would like to thank all the Points of Contact who made their yearly trip to The Venus Projectto work on the grounds. What an amazing job they did! All of your work throughout the year is appreciated.

This month we are experiencing new activity with our Video Team and would like to expand upon it. We would also like to share with you some additional volunteer openings that we have. And check out our trailers for the recent video lecture and the new addition to theSociocyberneering Audio lectures in several formats.

Video Production Experts Needed

Our Video Team is engaged in producing video content to present the aims, goals, and projectsundertaken by The Venus Project. The team is looking for experienced people in the following areas:

  • Video Editing
  • Motion Graphics
  • 2D/3D Animation
  • Other competencies related to video production

If you have one or more of these skills, apply HERE.

Volunteers Needed


Our team working on the Center for Resource Management has been collecting data on a large variety of plants and crops as a first step to designing the facility’s agricultural belt. The current estimates are that the belt will have to provide for feeding approximately 1400 people per day, while in addition selling surplus food locally. Creating meal plans is underway. We are now looking for volunteers who have the capacity to design a year-round system for growing food in a sustainable way. Apply here.

Building Design and District Energy

The Center for Resource Management will include a number of different buildings to support thevarious activities planned to happen there. Architectural designing of some of these buildings has begun. We are currently in need of structural and HVAC engineers to assist in the building design process. We also require District Energy Geothermal Engineers to design a District Energy system. Apply here.

Virtual Reality

Our Virtual Reality (VR) team has been hard at work on creating a VR experience of the Center for Resource Management. The team is currently looking for CG/3D artists and concept artists. Apply here.

New Video Lecture

Jacque Fresco - Equilibrium

Jacque Fresco – Equilibrium October 28, 2010

Fresco addresses a constant question that arises; “What will the people of the future be like?” He does so by explaining how this is dependent upon the conditions of the environment, or what the environment can provide. Will we have destroyed the oceans and poisoned the land? Laws and behavior are fixed by the conditions of that time. For example, if there is scarcity of an item then the price is high for that item and only the wealthy can acquire it. If there is abundance, no laws are formulated to regulate it. If there is a formula for an environment and the environment changes then the formula to live by has to be updated. Fresco explains that if there is an abundance, and access to it, then people don’t have to cooperate and there would be no need for charitable organizations. There are no good or bad people but behavioral variations according to what is available. He discusses how we try and solve problems from a fixed point ofview. The question is, “What are the conditions of the future?” There are no answers, there are changing conditions and we have to work within them. Proposals based on changing conditions are more appropriate than trying to establish a fixed system in the environment. Jacque presents methods of thinking about the Earth and what it can provide.

Duration: 24 minutes

View lecture and trailer HERE.

Sociocyberneering Audio Lecture

Sociocyberneering Audio Collection

Jacque Fresco – Corruption & Deception

In this lecture, Jacque Fresco describes how corruption and deception can enter into personal and social life in a variety of ways. He discusses how statistics can be used to conceal information and misconstrue facts, how difficult it is to achieve honesty in politics and government, deceptive product packaging, the deceptive tactics of lawyers, manipulation of thepublic by government and business, exploitation of workers by businesses, abuse of power by police, and fraudulent beginnings of religions. Fresco emphasizes the importance of testing claims, understanding the relationship of the environment to human behavior, and maintaining quality control.

Duration: 51 minutes.

Available in three formats:

  1. Audio with Scrolling Video Transcript
  2. Audio
  3. Transcript

A video trailer can also be viewed at the above links.

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