2018 Silver Year of The Dog Unboxing

in thetruth36 •  last year

Hello CryptoNation,

Coming at you live from Los Angeles California. I love Crypto and the potential game changer it represents. I also know the power of the dollar is loosing steam ( lol)  so I invest in silver hence the name SilverCrypto. Take a look at this Unboxing and as always I appreciate your opinion and comments. Please like and follow me on Steemit and YouTube. I plan on helping you invest and make money.  I will follow you back if you do the same please Upvote and stays healthy my friends. 

Silver Crypto


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@ thetruth....greateful my mom taught me the art of collecting coins by giving me some of hers as christmas gifts..old philippine silver coins that now i feel like gifting her with one....silver coin and to collect some for me

Good stuff, man
I have bought yesterday - 2016 1 Kilo Australian Silver Koala Coin for the same reasons ...i think that the fiat money is going down and down


Thanks for the reply hope you get to follow me on this SilverCrypto journey on YouTube too.

nice video and explanation of what you are going to do with your silver
i like the year of the dog coin. can i ask you how much you paid for the 1 oz coin? I have been buying silver now for the past 2 1/2 years and the shoe box is getting heavy. for investing i simply buy a silver eagle coin from MoneyMetals. at Christmas i buy some Canadian predator coins to give away as gifts
Very nice and i really do like the look of those coins


Ok personally I love the fact that you are stacking bullion. I paid about $25 per coin on the 1 oz version. I might suggest getting the Perth Mint 2 oz it has a good price.


I bought that 1 Kilo Australian Silver Koala Coin because it cost exactly the same as a silver bullion - so I went for the coin as it looks nicer :)

@thetruth36 So much information thanks for sharing.