The Ways Of Improving A Thesis Statement

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Have you ever read a story that was probably hard to follow through since the author kept on jumping around from one idea to another? Or perhaps the author was too brief when he needed to provide a further explanation?
You probably couldn’t figure out the beginning and end of the story since the author scattered his ideas making the story lose its flow? And perhaps after reading the whole story, you were left with many questions than answers?
That’s where a thesis statement is required. A thesis statement provides a specific focus for the essay.
In summary, a thesis statement summarizes the whole essay.
It helps the reader understand the point you want to state then the essay supports that point.

Think about a thesis statement as a signpost that tells you what’s inside of something.
Given the significance a thesis statement has in an essay, you need to ensure it is as strong as possible. The thesis statement should strongly state the topic while unifying the whole essay.
Here are some ways to make a strong thesis statement.

Seek Help
Good storytelling starts with a captivating statement, a joke, or anything that can grab the attention of the audience. Once the audience is attentive, a storyteller goes on to tip the whole story. If you aren’t a good storyteller, you’ll probably struggle writing a strong thesis statement.
As a poor storyteller, I have been using a professional service to write my thesis for me. That’s how you’re guaranteed of nailing your thesis statement anyway.
When you seek professional assistance with your thesis statement writing, rest assured anyone reading your essay won’t get confused about the topic or central argument of your paper.

Keep it Assertive
Of course, you can learn how to write a strong thesis statement by yourself. And if you decide to go this way, then you should make the thesis statement assertive. In other words, you should make your thesis statement arguable regardless of the type of essay you’re writing. In this case, you need to take a stand and assert your claim clearly and concisely.

It Should be Neither Narrower Nor Broader
As stated above, a thesis statement is a summary of the entire essay. For that reason, you shouldn’t make it too narrower nor too broader. Remember that you need to continue the argument throughout the whole essay.
Making it too broad can also make the essay lack direction throughout the development of the essay.

Make it Clear and Precise
When you make the thesis statement too broad, it lacks direction. That’s when it becomes vague since it lacks specificity and clarity.
To avoid making a vague thesis statement, make it arguable.

Make it Purposeful
Your thesis statement should be a reflection of the purpose of the essay. Before you write the thesis statement, determine the purpose of the essay. Are you required to demonstrate some sort of information to the readers, entertain them, or persuade them to take your stand? Your thesis statement should back up the purpose of the essay.
In summary, a strong thesis statement must have the qualities of specificity, precision, arguable, demonstrable, and forcefulness. It must focus on a specific area of a broader topic while preventing a relevant and specific argument.
How do you write a strong thesis statement?

We’d like to hear that in the comment section.

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