Positivity :)

in theprophet0 •  10 months ago

If you guys have anything to say, feel free to leave comments, in 2017, I had plenty of learning experiences, positive and negative, but all I am going to do is live and learn, that is what life is about. 2018 will be great for everybody within the crypto-space! Expect more posts from me in the future, I have the ambition to get back in my old groove. 2018 is bringing out a new Nolan :)
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I think this is the first time I actually saw a picture of you 😍

Question: what do you think about EOS?

And happy new year , may God bless us all through this year

Been wondering where the hell you were . . .

Glad to see you back in your old groove... Happy New Year!

Hey Nolan Happy New Year :)

Great to see you posting! Happy new year.


Happy New Year bruv, to 2018!

Keep it up man. Darn you are growing up fast

Great to have you back. I agree with you 2018 will be an amazing year. Anyone told you ,you look like Justin Beiber?


Plenty of people, to 2018 my brother!


Hi Nolan, Nice to see you posting. How are you? You look grown up man. Happy new year, May God Bless you stay cool and kind. 😃


Hi Nyl,

Doing well, thanks! Happy Holidays!

Happy New Year my man! Yes please more posts from you.
Looking good in those pics. Lady killer!



Happy New Year Geek! Good to hear from you, I will have to stop by SteemSpeak sometime soon. Thanks haha!

Good job man! Good Job.

Well I look forward to seeing you back in your groove again. thanks for the car magnet man, I still have it and its nice to finally see what the youngest steem witness looks like haha! Hope you had a good holiday, and hope this year you can 10x on the last!


My pleasure bruv, it's crazy to think that you may have influenced a whale to buy STEEM, attributing to it's rapid growth all from a magnet! Happy Holidays man!

Great post @theprophet0 bro and Steem On!

.....and Nolan is back!! Good to have you back out here. Happy New Year fam

You guys are looking beautiful... I have nothing much to say than to welcome you guys to 2018 where we all going to make it big on steem,crypto and bitcon

you have a nice family, Love from my side, enjoy your time bro

Positivism are the best way to personality

Nolan is the real G

Keep up on steeming and have a wonderful year ahead!
The power you have within is beyond comprehension! Unleash it and win!

Thanks for sharing with us @theprophet0 !

Nice photography brother. @hasan086

Dear you look very beautiful

nice click

This post very nice...

Nic story @theprophet0
Good luck

Happy New Year to you Nolan! You get that groove & kick some block chain butt!