Hold on to desire or this girl wrote down

in #theory4 years ago

old on to desire or this girl wrote down her desires and at the end of the year convinced that Well, almost nothing happened but the fact is that she wrote down her desires so I would be cool if in the sky such and such a thing would be cool if I would be offered this and that, that is, we see that in the formulation of goals, that is, there is already a depreciation, that is, unnecessary so to say joking vocabulary, your peculiar reduced a few. Well, naturally, when this chest of drawers does not belong to its goals for its purposes and they will be implemented on this seriously need to approach the issue but Apple recorded their goals should remove the leaflet submission all the brain remembered the necessary information to make adjustments no longer need to get this leaf and like carlson dig all the time as he points from the peach Carlson every day She dug out I looked when the tree with peaches would grow clear that braid. did not have time to germinate also with this leaf do not need to look every day o