What my posts aren't

in theoretical •  3 years ago


All content posted by this account:

  • Is not a statement of the official policy of Steemit, Inc. (or any other company)
  • Is not a statement of the consensus of the Steem development team (or any other group of people)
  • Is not guaranteed to be error-free, factually correct, or up-to-date
  • Is not guaranteed to be able to accurately predict the future
  • Is not regulatory, legal or investment advice
  • Is not an offer to buy or sell Steem or any other cryptocurrency, online token or fiat currency (except orders in the on-chain market or off-chain crypto exchanges)
  • Does not create a binding contract with any person or entity
  • Is provided on an "as-is" basis; if you act (or fail to act) based on content posted by this account, you do so at your own risk

My username should be a reminder that almost everything I post is a discussion of a theory of how the world works: I publish interesting ideas which may or may not be right. If you trade (or take other actions) based on the premise that the universe will act according to my theory, and then the universe does something else, the consequences are not my responsibility. I just published an interesting idea; you were the one who decided to assume my idea was right.

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