Welcome to the Theoretical Streem

in theoretical •  2 years ago

Welcome to the theoretical Streem. (That's what the steemd alternate block explorer calls a category.) Please read my disclaimer.

The focus of this Streem is going to be my explanations of the mechanics and design rationale of the Steem blockchain. I'll occasionally also talk about BitShares and cryptocurrency in general. I'll be posting here in my spare time.

My main area of interest, which I'll reflect in my posts to this Streem, is largely blockchain mathematics and technology. But since the operation of a blockchain may be heavily influenced by economics, politics, psychology, marketing and project management, I'll occasionally touch on those areas as well. Since I'm spending most of my time working on the Steem blockchain internals, most of my posts will focus on the Steem blockchain, but I may sometimes discuss other cryptocurrencies, often with a compare-and-contrast approach.

About me: I'm employed full-time by Steemit, Inc. as one of the core developers of Steem. I've also been a BitShares core developer since the pre-Graphene BitShares 0.x days. I've been heavily involved in the design and implementation of the Steem blockchain from its earliest conception.

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now that's when I would like to have a follow button. Can't wait to read more of your stuff posts.