A theory of a sentient creation.

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If the totality of creation was sentient, an Alpha/Omega God so to speak.
That God/Creation could only be aware of one thing.
What if we are the sensors that Creation has embedded in this region/aspect/dimensions of self.
This has come about because of Creations desire to know what that first realization that “I AM” meant.
Creation has something akin to optical fibers running down through the dimensions of creation/self and emerges into this region/aspect/dimensions of creation/self.
Those fibres emerge into a very specific region of space/time.
A region that has the capacity to hold water in the state needed to create the receptors to focus the fibres.
Those receptors emerge into a complex organic matrix called life.
As Creation can only know of itself.
Every sensory organic matrix senses creation from a unique set of parameters therefore feeds back to Creation a unique flow of understanding of the awareness “I AM”.
Epigenetics and genetics combined with the constant abrasion of the Lens of the sensor through its interaction with the environment/reality give each Lens the ability to sense creation uniquely.
The light that permeates those optical fibres and facilitates the information flow is the Divine Light of pure emotional being/consciousness.
And we are designed to experience self as that Divine Light filtered through the organic matrix of DNA and feedback that experience back to Creation.
If we don’t appropriately filter that experience back up the information flow.
Stuff may be left on the Lens in the form of emotional baggage that if left unchecked has an exponentially compounding effect of at first distorting the Lens then eventually blocking that Divine Light and connection with Creation.
I don’t recall coming across the concept of a spiritual path that doesn’t require one to first deal with emotional baggage or isn’t wholly focussed on emotional healing as a path to spiritual enlightenment.
As above so below.
Know thy self.
This is as far as I’m prepared to take this concept outside of my head.
I’d love feedback of course.

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