Doctor Worm's Minnow-Making Machine, Week 18 update

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@doctorworm is part of an account-level curation and growth initiative being built by @tcpolymath. The main account for the system as a whole is @themesopotamians and you can find a full project overview there. This is an outgoing support initiative, not a vote-trading scheme. Support from our users is appreciated but not expected.

Doctor Worm is currently supporting these users:

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Pretty good week here. Not really a whole lot to say about it, in fact. Just Steeming along.

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Woohoo I’m here! Thanks man. What is the discord thingy? I’d love to get more involved...

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Check your Discord, I sent you an invite.

Hey @tcpolymath, you are probably already aware of this but thought I would share. I was looking over some of the HF20 info, and we had talked about the timing on the votes for your project accounts. It looks like it will no longer benefit the authors for your accounts to vote early, author get 75% no matter what. What did change (paraphrased for space) a percentage of the pre 15 min vote will go the the other curators. So for optimal curation voting, it is probably better to vote at or just after 15 mins. Since the authors you are supporting are not going to get the benefit, to me it would make sense to vote so the curation reward builds your accounts to help more people.


a percentage of the pre 15 min vote will go the the other curators

No, this isn't true, it's just being ignored, not paid out at all. We've already changed over to 15-minute voting.