The Magic Frog is down! :(

in themagicfrog •  5 months ago

I'm really sorry to say this but... The Magic Frog will be not available for some time. I can't even say for how long but it could be days. The problem is that I'm currently transferring the domain into my ownership. (Was owned by a friend before...) After now multiple attempts that failed for unknown reasons, it finally seems to work. But now my provider told me that for a .com domain it will take up to 5 days and as everyone can see... the domain is already disconnected and the websites are not available currently.

Whois says:
Status: pendingTransfer

Not much more to say... I'll keep you updated.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

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@mkt, maybe you can deploy the app to heroku temporarily.


Never did this before but I hope tomorrow everything will be back up and running.

I guess we could only wait for the transfer. Thanks for the update.

I miss the magical frog. I was so busy lately
Will wait for the update