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I'm sorry to say that the random number generator picked the winning suggestion as fatal. Doh! Here's the full story from start to finish!


You lie upon the burning sand
An empty bottle in your hand
Your ship lies crushed against the shore
You've never seen this place before

The sun is hot, your throat is dry
You stare into the cloudless sky
You'll die for sure if you stay here...
So check the wreck to search for gear

You sit up straight, slowly stand
Then walk across the red hot sand
The ship is broken, on its side
Its bow is smashed, and open wide

A rope is hanging from the deck
It's tied around a dead-man's neck
A chest is floating out to sea...
You ponder what its contents be

You pray for food or drink, perhaps...
And hope it's not old treasure maps
You step into the cool blue sea
To claim this floating mystery

You're moving further from the shore
Your toes can barely touch the floor
To reach the box, you'll need to swim...
But something grabs you on your limb

The sudden shock makes you feel sick
You jump, and draw your knees up, quick
You look towards the ocean's sand
And see a bony flesh-stripped hand

This can't be someone from your crew
Had others crashed and died here, too?
You're sure you see its finger twitch...
Good Lord, what's next -- an island witch?

You wish that hadn't crossed your mind,
For just beyond the hand, you find
A swirling mass of dark green hair
And a face that's fixed you with a stare

You scream, and try to swim away
But something grabs you, makes you stay
The sea witch rises from the sand...
"Release me" is your one demand

Her grip falls loose. She moves away.
But as she moves, you hear her say:
"Beware, the circle in the tree"
And then she's gone - it seems you're free

Was it a dream, brought on by thirst?
Or is this island really cursed?
The chest has floated really far...
Dry land should be your guiding star

You wade to shore with weary feet
Your throat is dry, you need to eat
The dead man sways in the gentle breeze
Ahead, you see a few green trees

There is a rock pool, yards away
There could be crab, or shrimp, or cray
You must move fast, your body's weak...
You head for the trees; it's fruit you seek

You leave the broken ship behind
And as you reach the trees, you find
A coconut upon the floor
You pick it up, and search for more

Before too long, you've gathered twenty
You stack them up, and think "that's plenty"
You need a way to crack their shell...
That jagged rock would work just swell!

You slam your prize against the stone
You twist your wrist, and break your bone
Your dinner bounces, flying free
And hits a circle on a tree

The ground now trembles, roots are snaking
You try to crawl, but your wrist's aching
You're sucked into a muddy hole
Where the island witch will claim your soul


I bet it feels good to have written the killing blow?

Gosh darnit that circle was a coconut shaped hole well played

Is that Sod's law? Hmm. Maybe Murphy's?

Perhaps or his wife the island witch works in mysterious ways huehuh I knew that Witch was currently seeking (or is it swiped right) ^^ lol.

Check out my Lorelei...

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