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The island is a rhyming adventure, where YOU choose what happens next! Simply read the episode, and then post what you think should come next as a comment. The comment that gets the most votes will become part of the story. Catch up on previous episodes by visiting #TheIsland

All suggestions will be put into a random number generator. One will be chosen as fatal. More suggestions mean more chances of survival.


You must move fast, your body's weak...
You head for the trees; it's fruit you seek.

Episode 8
You leave the broken ship behind
And as you reach the trees, you find
A coconut upon the floor
You pick it up, and search for more

Before too long, you've gathered twenty
You stack them up, and think "that's plenty"
You need a way to crack their shell...

Write your final line suggestion in the comments, and then vote for your favourite suggestion. You might want to check back in for new suggestions later - especially if you're the first to post! But beware... the story moves on every 24 hours. The comment with most votes will decide where the story goes next.


That jagged rock would work just swell!

But get sidetracked.. What is that smell?

For meat inside and juice as well

or you'll starve and go to hell

I just came across your post and really enjoyed it. Thanks...hope you will enjoy my recent posts too

or you'll starve and go to hell

or you'll starve and go to hell

You ram it hard and give it hell!

You make a coconut boat, ain't that swell.

(Sorry had that urge :P)

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