The Freewrite House on Twitter


What is that?

In case you do not know - it is a Steem awareness campaign started by @nathanmars aka @nathanmars7 on Twitter to get people's attention to Steem.

All of us who are already on the platform know how great Steem is. We don't need any convincing. But what we need to do is to tell the world about it.

We want to tell as many people as possible about Steem and invite them to join us on this platform.

How to #seven77

The challenge started out as a daily video of the participant - YOU - doing seven push-ups. It turned out that some of us can't do that. So creative 7 something became the thing to do - from raising your eyebrows to touching your toes and everything in between.

The important thing was to do seven of something, post it to Twitter with the hashtags #Steem, #seven77 and mention @nathanmars7.

Make a Freewrite House Video

The Freewrite House decided to join the challenge. But a house can't do push-ups. The good news is that this house is filled with the most creative people I know and you all have way better ideas than I do.

Here is the challenge - make a house out of whatever you want and make that house do 7 things. Video your creation and send me the video to post on Twitter and to the Freewrite House YouTube Channel - and possibly DTube.

You will get one SBI for each video you submit.

Fill free to use your video as you please as well as long as we have your permission to use it as well.

Please send me the video either through discord, email or even in the comments of this post. Do not DM it to me on Twitter since I haven't figured out how to use it from there.


Huge Thank you To the Latest Video Creators!


@traciyork and @kaerpediem both send me a video.


Each received 1 SBI for their participation.






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Great to see many challenge in our blockchain.

Go #Seven77

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Maybe when I receive my tripod, I can do this. 🤞

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We think you can, we think you can.

You already did a great one before :)

Thanks ! @freewritehouse 💙

Encouraging 💙
Let's Together Keep On #steem ♨ On ! to the 💙 Universe ♬
#seven77 with LOVE 💙 PASSION !

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Great to be creative with the #seven77 for #steem . It’s actually more fun that way... 👍♨️🙌😎👋❤️🎶👏💪🌙👣

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You’re most welcome 👍♨️🙌🙏

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