The Lemon Boot

in theinnerblocks •  2 months ago 


Today started out a little differently for me. Today is the first day of a fast. Fasting has benefits. 

I thought I would spring out of bed on day and hit the ground running, but I didn't. I must not have slept well last night. So I started the day with a nap. After the nap though I am feeling great. 

I moved rught into my daily yoga session. Cut my beard off, and got a big glass of hot lemon water.

I will make a video about the beard shaving later, but change is good.

I look forward to this little adventure in my world. 

Cheers to clarity.

Be well

~The Yeti

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  ·  2 months ago (edited)

I wish you well on the fast BUTTTTT the Yeti is not the Yeti without a proper beard!!!!!!

Haha amen. I haven't cleaned my beard up this much since 2014. So shaving was a big part of this fast. Shedding identity and seeking...