The Hive, Weekly Update.

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The Hive Weekly update post

Bee Hive Logo.jpg

Howdy, I would like to begin with a Thank you to all who showed an interest in this group.
Sincerely, Thank you, We have a great foundation of members to begin this journey with. We do not have a great deal to update you with as we have only just begun. We are however making some small progress, which will compound itself over time.


So this is our start, we start here.

Image 1: Start

Out in the middle of nowhere and all we have is a sign saying start here with no arrow to leave us a direction. We start out with our backpack of 10 regenerative votes, available for distribution to 21 members though I had anticipated 25 and still waiting to see if the last few turn up.
So far we have only rewarded with a welcome penny, a vote to one of your posts with a minimum threshold payout. We are on the second cycle of that now, along with the Hive Bomb which has just begun.
Over the next couple of days, I will be figuring out in more detail on how to integrate our rewards and standardise them.

stats the hive.png
Image: TheHive Stats.

Designated votes will be established, Such as from the present 10 votes per day,
2 are going to go to vote members. This will be two members each day will receive a vote from the group with a present value of 0.03. This vote is nothing to do with the curation trail, and is simply a vote for being a member.
3 votes will go to the Hive Bomb activity and the group vote will go to those. (one of these will be a group post , when the group makes a post. Currently there is only 3 planned posts per week, but I would like to see this move to a post per day.
2 votes are going to be delegated to two other trails, the 100 vote list and the curation trail list.
This leaves 3 votes left to spare, these will be used to welcome new members to the group as a welcome penny, But limited to a maximum value of 0.03 and no less than 0.026. The same as we all got at the start. There is no come late get a bigger reward.

Charisma jar.png

I guess this week is a 2 day update.
We started with 100 SP and a value of 0.026 in value of a vote, That has increased slightly to 0.03 on a vote. Though this has been through extra delegation, it show that others see potential in what we are trying to achieve and can see the method or concept on how it can perform. I anticipate additional small delegations, which should bring our vote value to the 0.04 mark.

Image 2:

We are already begun to trickle that honey into your Honey Jar :) We would like to continue to do so. This is the intention of the group, to reward and grow along side its group members.

On our next group post, we will have our own Logo and separator bars for posting YAY!. These are being done for us by @charisma777 , and she has come up with some really cool looking images for us.

Walking Bee Honey Jar.jpg

This group's beginnings is stemmed from four other groups. The #Newbieresteemday / #newbiegames , The #IFC / #informationfindingchampionship #ASAPERs and the #Cryptoempire. These are 4 great groups I joined on Discord and I would recommend them to anyone with a bit of team spirit and mutual respect for others.
Though the groups did not come together to create a new group, This is where all original members have come from. These four groups, I personally feel close to and some votes from the group will go to these groups. sharing a vote of 1 vote per week in rotation to each. or to a suggested post from the organisers of those groups.

We would like to keep growing and invite others from all areas of Steemit to join our group. Note that we will not vote on posts of low quality. we do not hold weekly contests or weekly give-away to entice you in. We seek community people who can work within a group to help each other grow.

If you have an interest in joining this group, please mention so below in the comment section.
If you have an interest in supporting the group, please contact @thehive or @jan23com

Separator Bar's and The Hive logo are provided by @charisma777

Image 1: Image 2:


haha I only realized this is the same thing you have being talking about for weeks

I'm still weeks behind you

wont take long to catch up. now understanding is different

everyone seems to understand the basics now to explain the details to you

a bit faster than most of us Joe

faster than me for sure

Forgive my ignorance, I don't really understand, but surely you will be the guide.

I have the concept idea. I would really like to see it work too. But I will need the help of others, Not every choice I can make alone, I do find myself hold prejudice I do not want to hold very often, just from cultural or social difference being impounded over years. Initial thoughts I see so often proven wrong, So to keep me on track, I have disclosed my idea for the group in the guide channel, and I need all of you to keep me to that. We only succeed by everyone holds value, and none more than the other. I am but the map reader. And I will give all the help I can with knowledge, Though mine is not vast.

Nice update, and I would like to takes this opportunity to say thank you for the votes on a couple of my post. Much appreciated.

Thats the only way we can reward members is through votes, I am aiming to find as many reasonable reasons to vote on all members post
It is great having you with us :)

We have already begun to trickle that honey into your Honey Jar :) We would like to continue to do so. This is the intention of the group, to reward and grow along side its group members.

This is what made me want to join! Love the initiative @thehive looking forward to welcoming others to the group!!!

This is the easy part, I'm just finding a few things as I go through stuff to figure out other stuff, Calculating the votes where to use and stuff

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Neat concept you have going here, even though I don't fully understand, but hey I don't fully understand a lot in life. :)

Thank you, a day or two more and an invite to join in will be sent to you :)

Growing and connecting is the way to bee. ;)
Thank you for this opportunity xx

I owe as much thanks to every member :) its only if we work together we really gain a chance to grow.

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