The Hive. The Weekly. 15.07.2018

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The Hive The week gone by. 15.07.2018

Howdy folks'.

Bizzy Bizzy Bizzy. Buzzing around all over town picking up tiny pieces of a jigsaw I know not what the final image will look like. The dream just wont leave me alone, It hangs over my should like a warming sun, driving me on. Each time we take a small jump in SP my excitement jump the scales with it.

C Honey Jara.jpg

During the past week we have kicked out a massive 10 posts. That's a record for me Starting off with three posts a week, struggling to keep up with a topic to write on. I found inspiration in talking to others, This led to two posts that had the best payout rewards. Keep typing on Stoke that Steemit engine with your letters and words and build the power behind you.

You reap what you so, you get out what you put in. There are many of these sayings, They all hold truth, Now is the time you will get most reward for that time or effort. This is the time when you sow your seed cheap and when it grows you have the big crop payout.
This is a thing many of the Crypto people will tell you when you ask for advice.
Buy Low, Sell High.
Oh great, next question how do I know when its high or low?
that's what we all want to know the reply
Folks', this is the low, this is where it is best to put your time in, if you do not have the finances to buy low.
Don't give up on yourself yet. If you are new to Steemit,
Get in our Discord Server, and we will share our votes to help you grow that SP.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

We have taken a deeper look into The Hive at how our votes and rewards work. The growth of our community, size strength and membership. Membership we could do with growing some, more importantly membership of those who would like to participate in the promotions. If you know others who may benefit from the rewards we offer invite them to join us. We have the ability to cope with more members. The more members we have the more we can enable to help others, The votes gained here also transfer out to other communities when we vote on their comments and posts, We are not just growing the group we, we are growing Steemit.
Treat this time no different to those who joined early on with very low rewards and built it up to where we joined.
Keep processing and banking up that Steem in power, the benefits will come. As soon as the price increases there will be an influx of new and returning members, Who will be envious of your growth.

That extra Steem power you wished you'd had now you can get it Look at the SP grow not the value of the token or coin. Grow the SP and you will grow the rest quick enough.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

We also took a look at Dustsweeper and examined closer on the value, doing the maths I came to the conclusion it was at best value when the reward already voted to your comment is 0.01 or above to enable you to purchase more Dustsweeper votes, while maintaining the SP growth at no cost after the initial enrolment. This leaves enough liquid Steem or SBD in your account to accumulate to purchase an equal amount to continue to receive this vote.

I still think Dustsweeper is a great tool to utilise. I did however feel this general information should be shared. You do profit from this vote Ultimately.

Charisma honeypot.jpg

We have tried to increase our posting to post just over 1 post per day in an effort to grow our community economy. These extra posts do not require a vote for participation to any promotion, though votes are appreciated. The primary benefit to doing this is a slight increase in SP generated per week. Our only obstacle to this is items to write about. Is there anything missing in The Hive you would like to see here? to encourage a greater engagement?

Do you want contests?
Contests are something I tried to avoid, remaining out of the realm of those already promoting their group through contests. There are options to come up with methods of interactions that are not competition to these other groups. I have idea's of this already, some that I think are really cool. They are my thoughts though.

The rewards for contests or post promotions other than the Bomb we now provide, would not be feasible to maintain at the moment for any long period of time. We are open to suggestions all the time.

Is there an alternative kind of promotion you would like to see? Use the comments or our Discord Server for your suggestions.
Drop into our Discord Server

Charisma honeypot.jpg

I do expect a bit more support for Buzzbee to arrive this weekend. not as much to compensate for the full price drop, a little come back for us all the same. If I can hook these two it will bring the voting SP to just below the 250 SP.

Our S.B.I promotion has had a decent start, with 17 trades and 2 complimentary S.B.I. contribution shares to our members a total of 19 contributions we have pending to be added to our S.B.I. vote rewards.

Our ability to do this was through the generosity of @CrazyBGAdventures Sharing some Steem with us, without that we would not of being able to launch this promotion. at our current standing I hope to be able to deliver two or three of these per week if required.

Make a Diff banner.jpg

You are welcome to join our Discord Server at

Some other groups I invite you to take a look at are:
The @IFC @Informationfindingchampionship. Discord group:
The @cryptoempire Discord Server:
The @asapers Discord Server:
The @buddyup Discord Server: (
The @steemitramble Discord Server:

Two new witness have being added to our witness list

The Hive witness vote has been given to
@danielsaori @yehey @pharesim @yabapmatt @steemcommunity @EnginEwitty @JackMiller
All these witness have come at the recommendation of
Jan23com to the The Hive.
They do not reflect the opinions of individual members of the group or the group as a whole.

hive TY.gif

All the Hive Logo's and Banners graphics are provided exclusively

This account is protected by @dustsweeper


Kickin ass and taking names @thehive

Hi bro.
%100 upvoted.
if you send 0.05 sbd %100 vote and resteem (2728 Followers)
Manuel upvote.

It is through the vote that we grow, happy to once a day try to get in one big vote on the content, great to see and hear the SP is growing.

Just keep buzzing along. Ever consider a membership drive? Not sure how other groups do that maybe do a post aimed at people who are unaware of the group then we can all resteem it?
I have been trying to tell a few people. I am sure that is not the same as an organized effort.

You get some things they don't I won't drag them in , I would love them to want to be here on a community level more than personal. Our rewards are low now, as they rise people will want them,

Well to be honest I am here on a personal level. Very interested to see if a group who is dedicated to the growth of the unit can use combined forces to grow the individual members. I love your attention to detail with the numbers. That was great insight on dustsweeper.

We are all here for a personal goal, I am not against that, But we work with a community spirit.

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