The Hive. Have We Grown?

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The Hive Have we grown?

Howdy folks'.
Growth is perspective. Different things grow at different speeds. Depending on the final result of size wanted, the beginning size all kinds of variations. Yes we have grown at The Hive Much better tan I had being thinking we were doing too.

Honey Bee walk.jpg

Our group membership has reached ninety five. slowly ticking up to the 100 mark. This is a point where I am in conflict with myself. I see where we are as steady growth. I want to keep rewarding those who have taken this challenge along with me to grow this community. I want to find more advantageous ways to reward you for votes. Your vote might be purely to gain the vote back from us, or it may be as I see from my view. There are some who have a belief in the concept I set forward for the group at the start. I see this. I promise you, I will not forget where the roots of the community are set.

On the other side, more members = more votes = faster growth. This would mean, the reward pool we have available spread out over a greater area. Finding a balance for these numbers is not an easy thing to do. If anyone has a suggestion, that could make this decision an easier one. Let me know.
I will not turn anyone away from joining the community. We can't help other's if we don't let them in.
I ask the community, How many promotion posts per month from the community is it worth waiting for? Should we try reach every members once per month or more on a post promotion, Provide 2 or 3 comment votes per month? Should we set a minimal on these as best we can?

Do you think there is anything we should alter in our voting system to make it work better for you?

Our Numbers have grown, both membership and on the trails. Are we limiting ourselves though

Charisma honeypot.jpg

I have stated over the week's, Our SP going up At the present moment we are at 179.005 at maximum vote, full voting power this gives a reward of 0.0171, a bit below the threshold of the required payout amount. We are hoping members have @dustsweeper to take advantage of this lower vote value, when votes to comments are made.

These two images show the reward levels for both The Hive account and for Buzzbee. The Hive vote value is on the left side, Buzzbee to the right, Here I am in the middle making honey with you. ♫ ♪ Had to throw that last line in, well it was funny in my head.

At the current exchange rate of 1.55 the vote fro The Hive is lower than the vote from Buzzbee. Our support vote is stronger than The Hive account vote. not a bad thing, both are voting to your post when promoted in the Bomb channel.

The Buzzbee vote at the same levels everything at maximum, gives a reward value of 0.0202, just at the threshold level for payout. Combining both votes together, we reward 0.03712. This is 0.007 above where we began. We are reaching for that 4 cent reward, just a bit more pushing and we will be there.

A note to everyone,
The value is set to drop again.I had an idea this was coming mentioned in a previous post. I think of it as the low in a ripple ring, give it a bot of time things level out and we can gain a better view from there. All we need is dumb feck's not throwing any more rocks in our pond.

We have made a difference to ow we do what we do while doing the same thing. We have changed and grown in different ways. Our outlook, our methods and our diversity.

Make a Diff banner.jpg

You are welcome to join our Discord Server at

Some other groups I invite you to take a look at are:
The @IFC @Informationfindingchampionship. Discord group:
The @cryptoempire Discord Server:
The @asapers Discord Server:
The @buddyup Discord Server: (
The @steemitramble Discord Server:

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more members = more votes = faster growth

You have some measures in place to avoid gamification, and to insure that we remain as a community of mutual support and growth. I would like to see more people using buzzbee, but some may not feel comfortable with it, who knows, I find it of benefit, and simple to use. I hope people are using the promoted boxes and visiting each others post, most of us have dustsweeper, so a small vote of support is growth for the everyone. Just a reminder if you need help using steemworld for the early vote, I think I still remember how to use it, and I know there are people in our group that use for vote help, so you really are not limited to the perceived 10 votes a day.

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