The Hive. Drop in the Ocean, Weekly Word. Perception.

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Drop in the Ocean, word of the week. Perception.

Howdy folks',
The Sky is Falling, Run!

Something hit the fan. Someone fix the fence, the horse bolted and the gates locked. Abandon ship, the rats already left. The price has fallen below the 1 dollar mark How low it is going to go? That all depends on how good you can Limbo, Just call me Jack, I can do that limbo stick.

The Immortal words of Chuck Berry, "How low can you go?"

If there are any of the community leaders out there. This is your time. This is your time to determine how the platform functions in many ways. There will be less people posting and less people joining the platform, allowing you easier access to the good stuff. If the good stuff writers stay.

This time now is when I think you can grow your strongest relationships. This is when you have more time to give to an individual than you did before. Right now control over rewarded content can be gained to some degree. The lower posting from individuals because of the reward level also work to make your tasks slightly easier.

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If we are not looking to Steem or Steemit as a long term goal. The quick buck gains will be outweighed by the bigger loss from a crash in general. Right now I have all my eggs in one basket, Steem. and concentrated in The Hive. I am looking to a distance though. I might even be trying to look further than I can see.

For The Hive things may have a brighter outlook than to others. Simply we never had those big reward levels to give out, Since our start we have had the struggle of keeping up with our initial promise of a threshold vote. We have kept to that level for posts.

How the price going below the dollar I can see as there will be a less somehow. maybe a reduction in the liquid Steem. It is not a great thing. I still do not see it in a total negative light, We are still growing our Steem. our voice is growing in power. We are being noticed by more and more people. Someone even commented to me recently, That a page we wrote was open on a computer when they sat down. Who ever that was in Sydney or just out side of Sydney. High 5 to you.

Think of it like. You are used to seeing all the flowers bloom and smile up to the sun as it crosses the sky. Then winter comes and the blooms go away, This is just like the winter time while we wait out the seasons for the flower to bloom again, Till then the choice of flower gets smaller. But a flower, at any time can still bring a smile

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We look with our eyes, our hearts, our being. They can all see a different thing, can they all be wrong? The view which we interpret can often mean different things to different parts of us. Finding a positive side to something you disagree with is not the easiest things to do. Which part of us that looks at a part of another thing, see's it different to when we look as one at the whole.

Perception is not absolute, it is only that which one observes.

By the way, I am never wrong when I a right.

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run? which way?

Perception - - I see, therefore I perceive - - - Doth mine eyes deceive me, for I see a tree, not a forest - - - Just no sense from me today. (nonsense)

I love your outlook. It's just winter here.....spring is around the corner.

It's a forced outlook. I am trying to convince myself too. Think positive, positive things happen.

as we've heard "winter is coming" we can also say "spring is nearby". Interesting perception.

Why is fall always the forgotten season? We have lots of spring things like flings, and summer things like swimming, and winter things like skiing, but no one ever mentions fall, Is it because fall reminds of us falling?

Just no sense from me today. (nonsense)

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Perception is not absolute, it is only that which one observes.

Yes it is not! Sometimes you have to out and be part of something in order to gain more. Expand in order to grow!

Expansion comes with an open mind to keep the perception company

True, always open for possibilities and change is better.

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listening to you now in DITO - and totally agree.... i stick around during these times and I appreciate getting to see the ones who also stick around :)

yes, I am starting to expand the things The Hive community get involved in too. Going a bit slower then I began at, but finding a steady pace. The price will rise people come back, new members join, The drama starts again, But our SP will be that much stronger.

This is really awesome! I loved the analogy to the flowers when winter comes! Brilliant, and great advice for us to chill right now! 😊

Speaking of flowers, I took a few flower pics this morning. nice colours on some, No idea what kind of flowers they are, some look like Flutter bys though

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