The Hive Begin's to Buzz

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The Hive has begun to Buzz.

Summer has come around again their is pollen in the air and a buzz to go with it. That buzz is coming from The Hive. We have put our Hive in the middle of a vast orchard of fruit trees, we are ready to make some Honey. We don't just want to make some honey, we want everyone to share in every jar of honey too. That is you me and the group as a whole, all growing in both friends and rewards. Working together, we can fill a bigger jar of honey.

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Image 1: bee-44517_640 (resized)

Why this group?
If you have heard me talk of equality in any of the chat forums, my heart bleeds for you having to listen to me rant off. I won't go into the details of that here. Just to say I have always implied there is a way. I have also watched others debate over different things. where both sides agree on something yet they still debate. The debate carries over from one day to the next Both highlighting what is going on. No one agrees to a solution, any proposed get kicked back by a BUT!. I want to skip the but and work on solutions.
The key problems I see highlighted are the complaints about the whales and the smaller not able to grow without investment. Unfortunately if you live in a developed land your costs of living are higher. There are some however living in not so much luxury that they benefit greatly from a small reward. No matter where you are from though, working with others things can build faster. This group is based on the theory we can grow faster by giving as much as we can to as many as we can.

Image 2: honey-44502_640

How do we plan to do this?
Our discord channel will be open soon and you are welcome to join us and find out. If you are new to the Steemit platform and finding it difficult to gain any growth, The Hive is the place for you to be. So don't be shy watch this space and come get some honey fresh from The Hive

How big is the group?
We are still a small group we have only just began. We expect to grow too. With growth, we will add tiers to our reward system based on interactions in both the Steemit site and Discord channel. For any reward received there always has to be some action from you within the group, This is by design. Getting rewarded for being neighbourly sounds like a great deal to me. (I would of loved these rewards starting off)

If we can all grow a bit we can all help grow others a bit too. The group can see ways to make this happen and with your help and our help to you we can all grow strong together. Nothing will happen over a night or a week, But over a month or a year great things can be built. The first to this group will be the foundation of the group of which the group will evolve too. The whole group looks forward to seeing you.

Keep Bizzy and Buzz on.
The Hive

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I have to read all this to catch up to you guys

So this is where it all started?

Start that truck up Pedal to the metal, catch up

Don't vote on these posts , posts over 7 days don't get paid,

oh that is good to know thanks choco

Any help you need just ask

Will do thank you

Welcome to Steemit @thehive!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Hey dear
Welcome to steemit
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Followed, looking forward to hearing and seeing more. come join the group :)

On my way, but I need to get breakfast, so I should have waited a few minutes before clicking the discord room button.

Looking forward to growing together!!!🐝

I am so positive of the growth. we have a strong core to branch out from with the 1st arrivals to the group

That would be a great logo 😄

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Gracias, It is my pleasure to be here

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